It takes much more than clearing drugs from your body to recover from substance abuse or addiction. Managing the disease requires that you understand the cause of your addiction as well as the reasons you need to heal. In order to recovery, you’ll also need motivation to recover. Art therapy is a healthy way to work through negative feelings and stress so that you can heal and stay sober.

woman doing art therapy at crestview recovery

What Is Art Therapy?

At Crestview Recovery, we use art therapy for addiction recovery and as a tool to aid the psychological aspect of recovery. It allows you to tap into your creative and intuitive sides. Then, you can use these attributes to regulate emotions and heal your body and mind.

Art gives you a way to express yourself and emotions in a safe way. It provides an outlet to convey shameful experiences and feelings that are too painful to talk about. Being able to express these issues through clay, ink or paint promotes the healing process.

How Art Projects Are Beneficial

Participating in art projects is only one facet of treatment. Crestview Recovery combines this with traditional therapy and the 12 steps for comprehensive care. The staff guides your breathing, movement, and visualization to teach your body several skills.

One of these skills is regulating the nervous system. This helps your body reduce anxiety and defensive reactions. At the same time, you learn how to choose to respond to situations.

Another skill is pausing mental analysis so that the right part of your brain can lead. This also allows it to express the wisdom of your subconscious through colors, shapes, and symbols. Additionally, you learn to read the signals and wisdom from your body. This increases trust in yourself and improves your self-esteem.

What Happens in Art Sessions?

The staff at Crestview Recovery will integrate one or more art therapies into your treatment schedule. Depending on your specific needs, you will participate in individual or group art projects. A therapist who is trained to use your choice of art for healing and recovery will guide each session. He or she also teaches you how to explore the underlying emotions and experieƒaartnces that arise in what you create.

Art Therapy for Substance Abuse at Crestview Recovery

Men and women across the country can get art therapy for substance abuse at Crestview Recovery to complement their drug addiction treatment. Our facility rests in a quiet and safe area of Portland, Oregon, so that our clients can focus on recovery.

With 30 beds in our rehab community, clients have access to a variety of addiction programs. Our expert therapists use several types of evidence-based treatment methods. Some of these include:

Don’t let drug addiction consume your life or that of a loved one. It doesn’t have to be the driving force behind your actions. You can learn to control and manage this mental disease with help from the expert therapists at Crestview Recovery. Call us now at 866.262.0531 to embark on your journey to recovery.