Individualized Addiction Treatment

Crestview Recovery

man and woman kayaking at our drug rehab center program near Tualatin, OregonBy coming to our drug rehab center near Tualatin, you can get the help and support you need to break your addiction. That can mean living a recovered life, with a better future. At Crestview Recovery, our dedicated staff wants to see you succeed. The dreams and goals you had are still out there, and you can still get back to them. But the first step is reaching out to us. We know that’s not always easy, but it’s essential. When you take that step, you’re committing to a better life in recovery. You can get past your addiction, and we can help you do that. Our Oregon rehab center is dedicated to your needs.

Our Drug Rehab Center Near Tualatin is Here for You

Finding a drug rehab center you can feel comfortable with isn’t always easy. There are limited choices in the Pacific Northwest, but we’re here to help. Located in a beautiful setting and with 30 beds for inpatient care, our drug rehab center ner Tualatin can provide you with the care you need and deserve. We work with men and women, 18 and older, and have a commitment to all our clients and their recovery. If you’re ready to get the help and support you need, we’re prepared to work with you. Some of the programs we offer you help you on your road to recovery and success include:

We have master-level therapists to give you the best possible experience, and we treat all types of substance abuse needs. Our amenities program is available to you, as well, where we have skiing, snowboarding, and white water rafting. We’re Joint Commission accredited, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the quality care you can rely on. We know you could choose another facility in a different area, but we want you to come to us and get the support you need in a beautiful part of the country. Our dedicated professionals are here for you, and our drug rehab center near Tualatin can get you on the path to recovery.

You Have the Opportunity for a Better Future

There’s no reason to live in addiction any longer. You have the chance at a future that’s bright, whole, and healthy. Living in addiction doesn’t have to control your life, and you have options so you can improve. All of those plans you had for your future aren’t gone. They’re just waiting for you to get back to them. You had goals and dreams before addiction got in the way, and when you’re in recovery, you can get back to those, as well. With the option to live a clean, sober life you can enjoy, you don’t need to go anywhere else but here, to us at Crestview Recovery. Our drug rehab center near Tualatin is here for you and your needs.

Get Help From Crestview Recovery Today

There’s no reason for you to wait any longer to get help. You don’t have to let addiction control your life for another day. Contact Crestview Recovery to take back control and see that you can overcome your addiction. With help from our drug rehab center near Tualatin, you can get the hope and support you need and deserve. Call us today at 866.262.0531, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery. We have the tools and techniques that can help you succeed, and we’ll show you how to use them in treatment. Then you can take those skills into recovery, so you can stay healthy, clean, and sober for the long-term and get back to enjoying your life.