Leading the life of an addict is a hard one. Deciding to stop can be tough, but once you do your life will improve leap and bounds if you give it a chance. There is a Bend Oregon drug rehab center out there that can help you begin to live the life of your dreams. Commit yourself today, all and get the help you deserve at rehab centers in Oregon.

Choosing Rehab

Choosing to live over continuing to use is one of the best that you will ever make your whole life. Sometimes getting the help that you need from someone that cares is all you need to get help. No one should have to hit rock bottom before they decide to get clean. You don’t need to lose it all to realize that things can be much better.

Likewise, even if you have not yet accepted that you have a problem with substances seeking out help to find out what you can be doing rather than using is excellent. It’s not easy to accept the terms of being an alcoholic or drug addict; most people don’t understand because they have never been in your shoes. Do know that you are not alone and addiction never discriminates. Anyone can become addicted to something it has nothing to do with your character or social status or anything else.a man talking to his doctor at a Bend Oregon Drug Rehab Center

In short, addiction comes down to chemistry, your brain chemistry. When you are addicted to something, your brain believes that it is as or more important than food or water. This happens because when you start using a substance to feel better, like relieve some stress or because it makes you feel so good, your brain begins to build a tolerance to them. That means that your cells grow additional receptors for the substance that you are taking.

When your cells have extra receptors, and the substance is no longer around, you will feel even worse than normal when you no longer have the substance in your system. This is the point at which parts of your brain start to tell the decision-making center, the prefrontal cortex that you need the substance badly. Your prefrontal cortex begins to reorganize your priority list, putting the substance at the top.

In short, this is how people become addicted:

  • Begin to use Regularly
  • Alter Brain Chemistry
  • Brain Thinks The Substance is Needed for Survival
  • Obtaining The Substance Becomes More Important Than Reason
  • Lose Control of Your Drive For The Substance

It is scary how simple that all sounds. Getting to one of the great rehab centers in Oregon can help you to overcome your addiction.

What To Expect At A Bend Oregon Drug Rehab Center

At a Bend, Oregon Addiction Treatment Center, you can be expected to be exposed to many different types of treatment. One of the main goals of going to a Bend Oregon addiction treatment center is to come out of it with a new mindset and a plan that can help you to live the sober life that you want.

Additionally, you will participate to things like:

As you go through a rehab program and figure out the thing that works for you and things that do not, you will formulate an aftercare plan. Your aftercare plan is your staying sober strategy for when you return home from rehab. You will work out the things that you will keep up with, like counseling, or joining a basketball team. You will learn about 12-step programs and how to use them as part of your support system. In addition, you will learn essential life skills like how to feed yourself properly and think about things like decorating your house.

Contacting a Rehab Center in Oregon

In conclusion, if you are ready to make the call and start on your way to the life that you have been dreaming of, give a Bend Oregon drug rehab center a call at 866.262.0531. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to help you on your way to living the life that you deserve!