Addiction is an issue that’s extremely difficult to overcome on your own, which is why it’s beneficial to get help. If you’re someone struggling with an addiction to Subutex, a professional treatment program can help you begin a new life. It can be a confusing situation when you develop an addiction to Subutex, but it’s important to know that you can recover. You should understand why you need Subutex addiction treatment and then learn how it can help you begin a new life.

Who Needs Subutex Addiction Treatment?

subutex addiction treatment program crestview recovery centerSubutex is a medication that helps people who are trying to overcome opioid addiction. Many people develop a dependence on opioids, which leads to severe symptoms of withdrawal when they try to stop. One of the issues people have is that rather than go to a Subutex addiction treatment program, they use the medication on their own. You might use this medication to help you overcome some of the various symptoms of withdrawal such as:

  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Aches and pains
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

Without Subutex addiction treatment, it’s possible to develop a new dependence to Subutex much like your opioid addiction. Although this medication is meant to help you overcome your addiction, it is also a partial opioid. If you begin to abuse this medication or stay on it too long without a taper, you can become psychologically and physically dependent. By going to treatment, you can come off of Subutex for good and learn how to live the life that you deserve.

How Subutex Addiction Treatment Helps

Before beginning treatment, you’ll go through a detoxification program for Subutex to help you get mentally and physically stable. From here, you can enter a Subutex addiction treatment program where you’ll still receive medical care. You’ll have a medical staff who can help you through the withdrawal symptoms of Subutex as you begin learning how to stay clean. A major part of staying clean is learning how to identify the sources of your addiction.

Individual therapy is a great way to get down to the causes of your addiction and start working on repairing your life. A therapist is there to provide you with a safe place where you can discuss your life openly and honestly. Working with a professional addiction therapist will help you learn how to identify various triggers in your life and develop new coping skills. In treatment, you’ll have the time to grow and begin putting these skills in place, so you’re prepared by the time you discharge.

Mental Health in Subutex Addiction Treatment

One of the most important parts of treatment is dual diagnosis therapy. Many people struggling with an addiction have a mental illness such as anxiety or depression as well. It’s essential that both your mental illness and your addiction are treated separately. You’ll learn how to manage your symptoms of mental illness in a much better way and find out that you don’t need to self-medicate with substances.

Crestview Recovery offers Subutex addiction treatment in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and we’d love to help you recover. We have a 30-bed residential treatment facility, and we also offer outpatient as well as aftercare services. We also provide a cocaine addiction treatment program as well as services for other substances. Some of the programs we use to help people achieve sobriety include:

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