When people think about the programs that rehab facilities offer, traditional individual and group counseling tend to come to mind. While it’s an integral part of rehab, holistic therapy also has a place in addiction treatment. Many holistic treatments can be part of addiction recovery, and one of them is aquatic therapy.

What Is Aquatic Therapy?

man swimming in aquatic therapy program crestview recovery centerAquatic or pool therapy is an exercise that occurs in water. Most people know it as a type of physical therapy. Doctors recommend it to those who struggle with physical ailments such as arthritis. Some clinics use it to help those with severe bone fractures rebuild their muscles after removing their casts.

With that said, there’s more to pool therapy than helping people overcome physical problems. Studies now show that it’s an excellent option for people who struggle with mental ailments such as addiction. Furthermore, many rehab centers across the country offer an aquatic therapy program to their lists of available services.

What Are the Benefits of Pool Therapy?

Water therapy made a name for itself thanks to its numerous benefits. Many of these include support for those who struggle with addiction. For example, pool therapy boosts their mood because it’s a type of exercise.

When people exercise, the brain releases dopamine, a chemical compound that triggers a reward response. For this reason, exercise makes people feel uplifted, which is important during addiction therapy.

At the same time, an aquatic therapy program helps people manage chronic pain. Once again, managing chronic pain without drugs is important for people who struggle with addiction. Some of them abuse drugs because of ongoing pain. Water therapy gives them a safer, less addictive alternative.

Research has also proven that water therapy can improve sleep patterns. Doctors believe that the reason is that it requires a lot of energy to do. Many experts link not getting enough sleep to relapse, so developing healthy sleep patterns is essential during and after rehab.

Swimming After Therapy

The best rehab centers don’t just help people overcome addiction. They give people the tools that they need to stay free of drugs long after treatment ends. Because of that, many rehab centers talk about the importance of people in recovery having hobbies.

It’s a great way to stay busy because idle hands can lead to relapse. It also encourages people to hang out with new circles of friends who support their clean lifestyles. Some of the best hobbies that people can get into are physical ones such as swimming.

Once again, swimming on a regular basis is an excellent exercise that can boost mood. Swimming can also help people safely manage chronic pain.

Crestview Recovery Offers Holistic Therapy Options

At Crestview Recovery, we’re proud to offer more than just traditional therapy. While these services are a big part of our treatment program, holistic care is too. We use an aquatic therapy program and other services to help people overcome addiction safely and quickly. Some of the traditional and holistic programs that we offer include:

Keep in mind that we strive to create unique treatment plans for every client. In fact, we offer gender-specific rehab at Crestview Recovery. Providing gender-specific treatment means that we create programs that address the individual needs of men and women. Our facility has 30 beds, which allows us to give you the individual support that you need.

Let us help you overcome your crippling addiction. Find out if our aquatic therapy program is the right holistic treatment option for you. Reach out to Crestview Recovery today at 866.262.0531 for more information about what we can do for you.