Over the years, you may have developed a persistent case of depression that you cannot seem to shake. This situation may lead you to drug abuse and other health problems. These problems are very difficult to overcome without help. In this situation, we at Crestview Recovery offer many different solutions for your rehab needs. We offer a depression treatment program that can improve your life. We can also manage your addiction and give you the sobriety that you want and deserve. Read on to learn more about the relationship between depression and addiction and the treatment options that we offer.

How Depression Affects Addiction

Depression takes the form of sadness that can occur for months at a time. It is an illness that affects many people. Depression comes in many different forms and can make a person struggle to stay focused. As a result, many individuals in this situation end up abusing drugs because they make them feel temporarily better.

Unfortunately, individuals can get addicted to substances when they do this. Drugs actually worsen feelings of depression. This is because they affect a person’s chemical balance in the brain. Additionally, these drugs can make a person feel trapped in a difficult situation. Therefore, it is necessary to go through a depression treatment program to get help with these co-occurring disorders. This will help you regain a sober lifestyle. At Crestview Recovery, we focus on all of your treatment needs including depression and drug abuse. We help you form healthy habits to overcome your addiction and help treat your depression at the same time.

Standard Depression Treatment Program Options

woman getting help from a depression treatment program

Depression therapy takes on a few different forms. There are many ways to help you achieve a high level of success. First, we will assess the state and nature of your depression to fully understand your symptoms. Then, you can go through the various care options that we offer, such as:

  • Psychotherapy Talk therapy options help a person manage their depression better
  • Behavioral therapy – CBT and other behavior adjustments help beat depression
  • Interpersonal therapy – Focuses on improving personal relationships
  • Medicine treatment – Various medications can help restore a person’s chemical balance
  • Brain stimulation – Some types of focused electrical stimulation may help
  • Exercise – Getting outside and working out may help you overcome depression
  • Dietary changes – Some types of foods help support better mental states and help you manage depression symptoms

Beyond these options, many therapists experiment with other medical treatments and supplements to help you overcome your depression. Typically, treating these issues in rehab requires the use of high-quality and focused dual-diagnosis care. At Crestview, we are fully capable of handling this care option along with other types of depression treatment programs that may work for you.

How We Can Help at Crestview Recovery

At Crestview Recovery, we have many care options which you can use to overcome depression and addiction, including:

We offer all of these beneficial care options when you visit us. We will work with you to fully understand the nature of your depression and addiction. Therefore, we can give you the care you need to overcome this illness.

Overcome Your Addiction With Us

As you can see, a depression treatment program can help with your addiction. So please call 866.262.0531 to set up an appointment with us at Crestview Recovery. Our specialists will verify your insurance and provide a myriad of care options that can help you recover. Contact us if you are willing to regain a sober and stable lifestyle that you deserve.