Finding a drug rehab center near Grants Pass is a first step in taking the journey to heal from drug addiction. With drug addiction on the rise, it is crucial to seek the treatment necessary to put yourself on the right pathway. Drug addiction overdoses are particularly high in the Northeastern regions such as Oregon and Washington. Both men and women who are struggling with the difficulties of substance use will find that a men’s rehab program or a women’s rehab program is helpful to break the cycle of drug addiction.

Oregon Drug Rehab Center

Your first step in beginning the process of rehab is to contact the Crestview Recovery facility, located in Portland, convenient to residents of Grants Pass. Once you get in contact with a rehab intake specialist, you will start the admissions procedure. The intake specialist will take some of your information over the phone. Before calling, gather the following documents:

  • Any past medical documents
  • Current medical information
  • Past and current mental health information
  • A list of medications you take
  • Current and past substance use history

a group therapy session welcoming a new member at Grants Pass Oregon Drug Rehab CenterThe intake coordinator will discuss each of these areas with you and determine what type of treatment you need. If your drug abuse situation is serious, the coordinator may recommend a partial hospitalization program (PHP). This program provides you with strong oversight from medical professionals and therapists. You will be staying close to the facility and within the rehab community area. In addition to having a strong support system nearby when you participate in a PHP, you will have the option to participate in a full scope of therapy. In fact, individual counseling and group therapy activities will be ongoing throughout the day.

If your drug addiction situation is not as severe, but you still would benefit from a strong therapy component, then the intake coordinator may recommend an intensive outpatient program (IOP). During an IOP, you will have the benefit of a solid therapy program and attend the center several days a week on an outpatient basis. You will still stay the night in your own residence and come to the center on your own.

For those who are in the highest risk category for drug addiction, the intake coordinator may suggest the extended care addiction treatment program. This program allows you to stay at the facility in a residential setting with full 24/7 professional care. As you go through the withdrawal process, medical professionals will provide you with medication, comfort, and therapy. Once you complete the Extended Care Program, you can transition to one of the other programs.

Addiction Care

Once you complete your time at an addiction treatment center near Grants Pass, you will have the skills necessary to transition to the world successfully. Some people attend a special rehab aftercare program, which provides them with additional life skills before making the move back to their regular life.

Next Steps at Crestview

Welcome to Crestview’s addiction treatment center, where we welcome Grants Pass residents with open arms and no judgment. You will feel right at home with our caring staff. Our evidence-based therapies are sure to guide your journey in the right direction as you seek healing from substance use.

At our addiction treatment facility, we employ the most professional and compassionate staff who have your best interests in mind. You are sure to find rest and hope at our tranquil center. In addition, we offer several therapy options some of which include:

Do not let any substance use problem interfere with your life. Start treatment today at a drug rehab center near Grants Pass. Contact us at 866.262.0531, and we will guide you to the road to success.