Individualized Addiction Treatment

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family therapy program in portland, oregonOur family program at our substance abuse treatment center is an interactive and relationship-based program that helps heal and reconnect families who have been affected by substance abuse.

Proactively engaged family members can serve as a key part of the treatment process for their loved ones. Crestview Recovery’s family workshop in Portland, Oregon provides an effective model for positive change in family dynamics and relationships. Many family members have been desperately looking for ways to help their loved ones, only to watch their efforts fail time and time again. Our family program can help family members understand how addiction affects the brain. You will learn strategies that have proven effective for other families and hear these accounts first-hand. There is no such thing as a perfect family; everyone makes mistakes. Acknowledging mistakes doesn’t mean drowning in guilt; it involves moving through it.

It is natural for family members to feel apprehensive at the thought of joining a family program with their loved one in recovery. You may feel saturated and overwhelmed with information about addiction. If this is not your loved one’s first recovery attempt, it can further complicate such emotions.

At Crestview Family Workshop, our experienced facilitators provide the family with real hope grounded in the latest in neurobiology and research. The science around addiction is ever-evolving and changing; we update and adjust our addiction treatment therapies to reflect the latest evidence-based addiction treatment programs.

What Our Family Program Can Teach You

We do not believe that there is a single right way to recovery for all individuals. On the contrary, the way to recovery is distinct to the families and the person struggling with addiction. We provide the education, skills, and therapeutic benefits key to changing family relationships for the better.

The focus at Crestview’s Family Workshop is on healing the family connections and relationships, rather than on managing the disease. By examining family relationships, we cultivate the skills the family needs to move forward.

Unlike addiction, families can control their relationships. At Crestview’s Family Workshop, we help you learn how to do this.

Family Workshop Facilitators provide a clear understanding of addiction’s impact on the entire family system and what is necessary to heal the relationship.

By focusing on the relationship, rather than the drug or alcohol, the person in recovery has less compulsion to use. Current neurobiology research indicates that if the person in recovery has a positive connection with their loved ones, the desire to use drugs or alcohol is diminished.

But, it takes education and skills development to heal relationships. Through the Crestview Family Workshop, families can develop inter-relational and collaborative problem-solving strategies that allow families to recover.

Therapeutic Strategies & Topics

During the three-day Family Program at Crestview Recovery, we will help you and your family learn about the following interactive therapeutic strategies and topics:

  • Coping methods – this method is all about learning new ways to interact.
  • Shame and stigma – learning how it affects both the family member and client.
  • Self-care – how to practice in daily life.
  • Brain chemistry – time for rebalancing.
  • Communication models – practicing non-violent methods of communicating.
  • Expectation management – connecting within new boundaries.

While many substance abuse treatment centers provide a lecture-based family program, Crestview Recovery Workshop offers an interactive and experiential model.

The Family Workshop begins on a Friday afternoon when families meet members of their loved one’s clinical team, including caseworkers and therapists. Midday Saturday, loved ones join their family for experiential exercises. On the last day, family members and their loved ones work together on a special project giving them an opportunity to begin their connection in a new and non-threatening manner.

Crestview’s Family Workshop is held every 6 weeks. Parents, siblings, spouses, and significant others are encouraged to attend.

The workshop is co-facilitated by Jennifer Stratton, LPC, CADCI, and Lynn Emmons LCSW, RN, CADCI. Both therapists have extensive experience in the addiction field and in facilitating family groups. Our program aims to help those families overcome and work through the trauma of addiction. Call 866.262.0531 today to learn more about our family therapy options and other addiction treatment programs. We have a variety of different treatment and group options for you and your loved ones. Start healing today at Crestview.