Alcohol is one of the easiest drugs for people to obtain. Those over the age of 21 can walk into nearly any store and pick up some kind of alcoholic beverage. Because of how easy it is to find, some people assume that it’s not too dangerous. However, this kind of thinking leads many people to need the alcohol treatment Portland Oregon centers offer.

Is Alcohol a Drug?

A man drinking in public may need the alcohol treatment portland oregon offersYes, alcohol is a drug. It’s a depressant that works against the central nervous system. However, if alcohol is a depressant, then why does it make people feel so happy?

People often associate depressants with feeling depressed. On the contrary, a depressant in small amounts makes people feel relaxed and more carefree. That’s why they loosen up and feel good after they have a drink or two.

In large amounts, though, depressants start to affect the body negatively. They make people emotional and hinder their ability to think clearly. However, the long-term effects of abusing alcohol are even worse. Along with being unhealthy for organs like the liver, it’s extremely addictive and has terrible withdrawal side effects.

Why Do People Need to Seek Alcohol Treatment Portland Oregon Offers?

Alcohol addiction isn’t something that people should attempt to overcome without help. From detox to rehab, it’s important for them to seek professional care.

The alcohol treatment Portland Oregon facilities offer features many fantastic programs that aid addiction recovery. Rehab centers in the area don’t just focus on one treatment option. They offer an array of options to give their clients the best chance of success.

Best Programs for Alcohol Addiction

Numerous alcohol treatment programs are available. Finding the right program is sometimes difficult because no single program works for everyone. However, certain treatment services have become staples when it comes to treating alcohol addiction.

One service that rehab centers in Portland, Oregon, use is dual diagnosis treatment. A lot of people don’t develop an alcohol use disorder for no reason. An underlying issue may lead their brains to develop the disease. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses the underlying problems and gives people a better chance of avoiding relapse.

Individual, group, and family therapies are also helpful in the treatment of addiction. These services help people open up about their problems so that they can address the source. Group and family therapies help them build support that aids them during and after treatment.

Alcohol treatment Portland Oregon centers also offer relapse prevention training. This service helps people develop skills that aid them in avoiding relapse. These skills typically involve identifying warning signs that could make them drink alcohol again. The training also provides ways that they can distract themselves when they feel the urge to drink.

Let Crestview Recovery Help You Fight Back Against Alcohol Addiction

Crestview Recovery has some of the best alcohol treatment Portland Oregon has to offer. We’ll create a custom treatment plan that addresses your individual needs. Doing so will increase your chances of recovery compared to focusing only on fast results.

We strive to provide a full spectrum of treatment options. We use these various programs and services to create your unique plan. Some of them include:

Gender-specific treatment at Crestview Recovery further individualizes your treatment. It’s sensitive to the fact that men and women have different needs when it comes to addiction recovery. Rather than try to address everyone’s challenges, it addresses only those that involve one gender.

Don’t battle your alcohol addiction alone. Experience the alcohol treatment Portland Oregon has to offer. Reach out to the expert staff at Crestview Recovery today at 866.262.0531 for more information about how we can help.