Are you a parent looking for an alcohol rehab for young adults? If so, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the lack of quality options in your area. Before you give up hope for reliable help, know that there is one rehab center where your son or daughter can receive the treatment they need and deserve. They don’t have to continue to let addiction ruin their life or future.

The Need for Alcohol Rehab for Young Adults

alcohol rehab for young adults young man drinking crestview recoveryMany people would scoff at the idea of needing alcohol rehab for young adults. This is because the consumption of alcohol is a common practice in today’s society, especially among teenagers and college students. Unfortunately, the familiar pastime can result in great consequence for teens and young adults.

So, what is the harm in underage drinking?

For starters, alcohol is often a gateway drug that leads users down more destructive paths. Youth and adolescent drinkers increase their risk for abuse of other substances, particularly cocaine and marijuana. However, even young adults who don’t experiment with other drugs can suffer consequences as a result of their drinking.

Some possible consequences and side effects of underage drinking include:

  • Possible injuries related to falls, slips, and other accidents
  • Possible injuries or death related to automobile accidents or other risky behavior while under the influence
  • Becoming the victim of sexual or physical assault
  • Higher risk for depression, which can lead to increased risk of suicide
  • Risky sexual behaviors and increased risk of contracting an STD
  • Failing performance at school or work
  • More likely to engage in or become the victim of vandalism, property damage, and other illegal activities which can result in possible legal troubles including fines or time in jail

As you can see, there are many reasons to seek for your young loved one’s drinking problem. Don’t wait until they have experienced an unnecessary tragedy or irreparable consequence. Alcohol rehab for young adults can help them stop drinking and develop a healthy mindset for maintaining lifelong sobriety. With the right kind of treatment, they can get back to discovering and realizing their full potential.

Our Rehab Has the Necessary Programs for Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

For treatment that can put your loved one on the right track, choose rehab at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Our recovery center offers an impressive list of programs and therapies that can guide your loved one towards a sober and healthy future. By choosing our alcohol rehab for young adults, you can minimize your loved one’s risk for future relapse. We will provide them the tools they need to get sober and maintain their results for the long haul.

Just a few of the programs and therapies offered at our long term alcohol rehab center in Oregon include:

Contact Us for The Help Your Young Loved One Deserves

Don’t sit by helplessly as alcohol abuse and addiction destroy your loved one’s life. You can help them by reaching out for quality alcohol rehab for young adults from a provider you can trust. At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, we will work tirelessly to help your child or loved one achieve true and lasting sobriety. We invite you to call us toll-free at 866.262.0531 to learn more about how our programs can lead to amazing results!