Anxiety and seizure disorders can make it difficult to function normally on a daily basis. Because of that, doctors prescribe drugs such as Rivotril to ease the symptoms. However, prolonged use and abuse can lead to addiction. In such cases, people can recover when they get Rivotril addiction treatment.

About Rivotril and Addiction

rivotril addiction treatment programRivotril is a brand name of clonazepam that pharmacies dispense in Canada. In the United States, pharmacies dispense it under the brand Klonopin. As a benzodiazepine (benzo), it can reduce anxiety, relax muscles and cause sedation. This drug also has amnesic and hypnotic properties.

In general, people feel the full effects of Rivotril after three to four weeks of taking it. However, it only takes two to four weeks to develop dependence. When they take it every day for several weeks, they’re at risk for addiction.

Although, people who abuse Rivotril have a greater chance of developing dependence and addiction sooner. They might refer to the drug as a benzo, downer, or trank. When they abuse it, they may crush the pills to snort the powder. Because of this potential for abuse, the government categorizes clonazepam as a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Since a Rivotril addiction treatment program is important, others should know some of the signs of addiction. For instance, poor coordination, trouble sleeping, frequent urination, and blurry vision are a few. Others include joint and muscle pain, anxiety or panic attacks, aggression, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

What Happens During a Rivotril Addiction Treatment Program?

Some people think that they can quit using Rivotril on their own. However, overcoming a benzo addiction can be difficult and involve health risks. Because of that, it’s safer to get expert help through Rivotril addiction treatment.

First, the treatment starts with detox to let the body cleanse away the toxins that Rivotril leaves behind. Withdrawal symptoms are likely, but medical professionals can provide assistance that reduces them. However, fewer symptoms might manifest for those who use the taper-down method. This approach involves slowly reducing the dose until there are no symptoms or need for the drug.

Next, a Rivotril addiction treatment program moves into rehab with counseling. During this phase, people address the cause of their addiction in either a residential or outpatient setting.

Residential treatment involves staying at a rehab center throughout treatment. For that reason, the staff can provide around-the-clock support. Outpatient programs allow people to live at home and maintain their household, work, and school obligations. Without the 24-hour support, though, they have a higher risk for relapse.

In either case, Rivotril addiction treatment uses a range of traditional and holistic therapy methods. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common evidence-based method that involves changing negative thoughts. It works on the basis that these thoughts lead to negative behaviors. By changing them, people develop more positive behaviors.

Experiential therapy aims to address the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental elements that other counseling methods don’t. For example, a Rivotril addiction treatment program might include biking, hiking, acupuncture, and meditation. These services rebalance the chemicals in the brain and relieve stress.

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