Relaxation can be addictive. This is particularly true when it comes out of a pill bottle. Maybe you’re struggling with a benzo dependency right now. Restoril addiction treatment at Crestview Recovery could be the solution.

Understanding the Habit-Forming Nature of Benzodiazepines

restoril addiction treatment programRestoril is the brand name for temazepam. Your doctor might prescribe it for persistent insomnia. However, you should only take it for about a week. As is the case with many benzos, they go to work fast.

Most importantly, they target GABA neurotransmitters in the brain. These affect your ability to relax, rest, and sleep. Besides that, the medication can lead to an increase in dopamine, which is the feel-good neurotransmitter. Forming an addiction to this overall state of well-being is easy.

Just as there is a Valium addiction treatment program for that popular benzo, there’s also one for Restoril.

Should You Sign up for Restoril Addiction Treatment?

Is your pill habit out of control? It’s difficult for someone to decide. However, there are some telltale signs of dependency. For example, you have a difficult time getting sleep without the pills.

You take the medication for its side effects. Examples include outcomes that mimic alcohol intoxication. Besides that, you might be trying to boost the sedative effects by combining Restoril with other depressants. Similarly, you might crush and snort the pills to increase the high.

Finding Restoration in Recovery

A Restoril addiction treatment program helps you break the chemical dependency. Because you initially enjoyed the relaxed state you were in, it’s vital to uncover the root of your drug use. Only when you get to the why will you be able to find the how. Typical Restoril addiction treatment involves:

  • Mindfulness meditation therapy, which offers you opportunities for learning how to relax naturally
  • Life skills training as a way to handle stressors that might trigger benzo abuse
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants with underlying depression or anxiety that fuels a reliance on Restoril
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on dysfunctional patterns in your life, which you might overcome with healthy ones
  • Group therapy that enables coping skills development while interacting with others in recovery
  • Experiential therapies that include skiing and rafting for enjoying positive interactions and getting fit

Restoril addiction treatment also involves working with individuals who might have secondary substance abuse problems. For example, you might be using alcohol along with the sleep aid. Maybe you’re also taking painkillers.

Choosing the Best Treatment Delivery Method

The majority of Restoril addiction treatment program participants choose a residential stay. It takes about 30 days. If you don’t feel ready after that time, you have the option of extending your stay. This setup consists of a 90-day program.

Of course, not everyone’s Restoril addiction treatment needs are the same. Crestview Recovery also accommodates individuals with more moderate dependency issues. You might be an excellent candidate for partial hospitalization. In this scenario, you live at home but spend the day at the rehab facility.

Besides that, there’s the intensive outpatient treatment model. It’s a good option for someone who caught the developing dependency early. Most importantly, it lets you work around your schedule to attend therapy sessions. It could also be a good option for someone who steps down from a more intensive Restoril addiction treatment program.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

There are countless dangers of overdosing with the sleeping medication. Some of the outcomes can be deadly. Don’t risk your health. Instead, sign up for Restoril addiction treatment today by contacting Crestview Recovery at 866.262.0531 now.