Drug and alcohol treatment programs provide much-needed help to thousands of people seeking recovery each year. People of all ages and from all backgrounds struggle with addiction. Oregon’s changes in drug possession laws have been helpful at preventing people caught with small amounts of narcotics from going to prison, but it is important to consider that many of these people need help. Through substance abuse treatment, substance use disorder becomes a manageable condition. Contact our Portland drug and alcohol treatment center by calling 866.262.0531 to get more information about our remarkable and life-saving addiction treatment programs.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs provide much-needed help to thousands of people seeking recovery each year. People of all ages and from all backgrounds struggle with addiction. Through drug rehab, they finally gain the help they need to overcome their addictions and enjoy better lives.

What is Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

drug and alcohol addiction treatmentThere are many reasons why people seek drug and alcohol treatment. These include better daily living, stable employment, improved family relationships, overcoming legal problems, better health, and more. But most importantly, drug and alcohol treatment programs help individuals just like you end the cycle of compulsive use of addictive substances.

The type of treatment you’ll seek depends upon your individual situation and needs. You may suffer short-term addiction, requiring only outpatient treatment to ensure addiction doesn’t return. On the other hand, you may need extended care in a partial hospitalization setting for long-term addiction, co-occurring conditions, or poly-substance abuse. Whatever type of treatment you seek, the most important thing is getting that treatment for a better life.

Not all treatment programs are the same. Each facility defines its own methods and inclusions for treatment. Likewise, you need help from the facility offering programs that will work best for your individual needs. With the right focus and attention to gaining recovery, you can experience lasting sobriety and the better life you want. A Portland sober living program may be an excellent step for you once you finish treatment.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

One of the first steps in drug and alcohol treatment is an initial addiction assessment. This assessment reviews your health history and examines your current drug or alcohol use. In addition, the assessment also provides insight into the appropriate treatment for your specific addiction.

Below is some information about types of addiction treatment programs and who benefits most from each:

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment takes place in a similar setting to partial hospitalization programs. However, individuals in these programs continue living at home rather than staying overnight in the facility. This is the least intensive type of substance abuse treatment. People with low-level or short-term addictions do better in these programs than those with severe addiction.

Treatment in outpatient rehab includes individual therapy, group therapy, educational sessions, and social activities. These sessions and therapies take place for several hours per week over a variable period of time. When not attending rehab treatment, people in these programs continue going to work, attending school, or taking care of other obligations.

Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Partial Hospitalization

IOP and PHP programs are similar to each other. These include a mix of treatment at a residential and inpatient treatment program and living at home, for a set number of hours or days per week. These programs are also more intense commitments than outpatient programs. IOP and PHP accommodate individual medical, mental health, or life needs well.

Crestview Recovery Levels of Care

Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon provides multiple levels of care for people just like you seeking recovery from drugs or alcohol. Among Portland drug treatment centers, Crestview Recovery excels through quality programs including:

If you or someone you love is seeking an end to the exhausting cycle of addiction, Crestview Recovery is ready to help. Call Crestview Recovery now at 866.262.0531.