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When people hear the word “stimulant” in regard to drugs, cocaine and meth usually come to mind first. However, stimulants can be prescription drugs too, including Adderall. While this medication helps a lot of people, it can also cause addiction among those who abuse it. In many cases, they experience Adderall withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop using.

Adderall Overview

adderall withdrawal symptomsAs a prescription stimulant, Adderall produces effects that are similar to cocaine. However, its medical purpose is to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other health issues. Unfortunately, many people take too much or use the drug without a prescription.

Adderall works by increasing dopamine in the brain, which has a rewarding effect. When there’s too much, the brain stops producing the chemical on its own. Instead, it relies on the drug to maintain the high levels to which it has adapted.

By this point, most people have developed tolerance and addiction. They also can’t function normally without Adderall. They depend on the drug to stimulate productivity and alertness. Without it, they feel mentally foggy and tired, which are also Adderall withdrawal symptoms.

In addition, people with Adderall addiction continuously need higher doses to feel the effects. They can’t finish tasks without it and spend whatever they need to get it. Also, they continue taking Adderall even though they understand that it causes them harm.

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

One clear indication that someone has an addiction is the occurrence of Adderall withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms manifest when they miss a dose or try to stop using the drug. However, these effects are the result of the brain and body adapting to the lack of Adderall. In general, this process rarely has dangerous consequences, but some people have suicidal thoughts.

Basically, the withdrawal symptoms are the opposite of the effects that Adderall produces. However, severe symptoms are possible for people with a high tolerance and after prolonged use. Some of these include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and nightmares. Sharp headaches, oversleeping, increased appetite and stomach aches are common symptoms as well.

How Long Adderall Withdrawal Lasts

The number of days that Adderall withdrawal symptoms last varies from person to person. The reason is that not everyone has the same experience. Their dose, frequency of use, and many other factors affect when withdrawal ends.

Because of that, some people have symptoms for a few days, but others have them for weeks or longer. In most cases, though, the symptoms go away in seven days. However, prolonged withdrawal symptoms can occur depending on which type of Adderall that people take.

First of all, there are instant release and extended release versions of this drug. For that reason, the symptoms begin and fade at different times.

With the instant release Adderall, people feel the effects immediately. However, they wear off in several hours. With the extended release Adderall, it takes time for the effects to build up. However, they last longer.

The result is that withdrawal symptoms begin and end faster with the instant release drug. It takes longer for people to feel withdrawal symptoms if they take the extended release version. Also, their withdrawal symptoms can last longer than average.

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