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Staying sober is a lifetime commitment for people who suffer from addiction. They can never truly cure themselves of the disease. With proper rehab and support groups, however, they can control it and live normal lives. Below is more information about addiction recovery support groups and how they can help.

What Are Addiction Recovery Support Groups?

five people at addiction recovery support groupsAddiction recovery support groups come in many forms. No matter which one that people join, their purpose is to help people take responsibility for their addictions. They even support addictions outside of drug abuse, such as gambling and sex addiction.

Support groups provide a safe place for people to talk about their feelings and share their experiences. Participating in these discussions makes it easier for them to connect with others and learn coping techniques.

What Happens During a Support Group Meeting?

In general, most support groups follow the same format. A member of the group starts the meeting and shares a story about his or her addiction. The rest of the members listen and lend a sympathetic ear. Then, those who can offer emotional support or advice.

This process continues until everyone who wants to has the chance to share. Keep in mind that not everyone shares. Some people aren’t comfortable talking about themselves at first. It’s important to let them warm up to the idea rather than force them to engage.

Are Support Groups and Group Therapy the Same Thing?

Group therapy and support groups are two completely different services. Group therapy is a therapeutic recovery program that helps people address mental health concerns. In general, therapists lead group therapy discussions. Support groups, on the other hand, are more about mutual validation with peers.

In addition, group therapy can sometimes be confrontational. Therapists deliberately confront their patients to help them work through and address their issues. Support groups are more caring and provide a supportive atmosphere.

Benefits of Support Groups

One benefit of addiction recovery support groups is that they remind people that they aren’t alone. Connecting with others can lessen feelings of despair and give people access to real-life feedback.

Next, support groups help people retain momentum in sobriety. When they enter rehab, they’re typically ready to change. However, they eventually lose some of that momentum. Support groups can help them stay motivated both during and after rehab.

Support groups can even teach people new skills that they need to stay sober. For instance, addiction recovery support groups are a great place to pick up coping skills that peers use. These coping skills expand their knowledge beyond what they learn during traditional rehab.

Lastly, support groups remind people that they’re in charge of their own lives. Struggling with addiction can make them feel helpless and powerless. Support groups give them strength to break this cycle and take control of their lives.

Crestview Recovery Can Provide the Support That You Need

At Crestview Recovery, we provide the support groups that you need to overcome addiction. We make it our goal to help you learn coping skills that make your life better. However, our services go beyond support groups. Some of the other treatments that we offer include:

Crestview Recovery also offers personalized treatment plans to ensure that you get care that fits your unique needs. For example, we provide gender-specific treatment. Men and women have different needs, so our programs reflect those different needs. We treat a variety of addictions, including:

See what our addiction recovery support groups can offer you. Contact Crestview Recovery today for more information. Call us at 866.262.0531 to learn more about our Portland facility.