Partial hospitalization or PHP drug rehab is becoming a popular choice. However, what is a PHP? More importantly, how does it work? Your questions — answered.

Understanding the Various Care Options

Worried woman discussing PHP drug rehab option with intake counselor.When you need help with an addiction, there’s a broad range of programs open to you. Examples include:

  • Extended care addiction treatment to help individuals who need a little extra time to heal
  • PHP drug rehab, where you receive a full day of therapies but return home at night
  • Outpatient treatment, which is a part-time treatment option that is effective when you’re ready to transition to independent living
  • Aftercare to help with the implantation of relapse prevention strategies

Finding the right treatment setting is just as important as choosing the right facility. Good-quality rehab centers offer this broad range of options to customize treatment for program participants. Just as every person is different, so are everyone’s needs when recovering. Discussing your plans with an intake counselor at a facility is a vital first step to understanding the alternatives.

What is PHP Drug Rehab?

Treatment centers offer PHP drug rehab to qualified individuals who are ready to undergo healing. You’re a good candidate for this choice when you have a safe home environment. Typically, this requires that nobody in your home uses drugs or alcohol. It also means that you shouldn’t be in a codependent relationship with someone who might hold you back.

Because you return home after treatment every night, it’s vital that nobody undoes all that you accomplish during the day. Typical therapies you might undergo may consist of:

  • Individual therapy that encourages you to get to the root of your addiction
  • Group therapy sessions for a shared learning experience
  • Family therapy, which brings in those closest to you for training, boundary setting, and communication exercises
  • Art therapy that lets you experiment with non-verbal expression of your feelings
  • 12 Step recovery group attendance, which is a big step toward relapse prevention and accountability


Getting Help Today

When you’re ready to overcome a drug or alcohol habit, PHP drug rehab can be right for you. Find out more by contacting an intake counselor at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. This expert in the field of addiction treatment wants to help you select the right therapeutic setting for your needs. Dial 866.262.0531 today.