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Opioid use has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with many claiming it’s now a public health crisis. Curing people of their dependency is never easy, as opioid addictions are among the hardest to break. Opioid detox from Crestview Recovery is an important first step – here’s why.

What are Opioids?

woman's doctor prescribes opioid detoxOpioids refer to a class of drugs that comes from the poppy flower. They include illegal drugs such as heroin, as well as prescription painkillers like codeine. These drugs bind to opioid receptors in the brain to suppress pain signals.

Opioids also produce a euphoric effect, which is the main reason people abuse them. What starts as stress relief can quickly turn to dependency as users become unable to function without drugs. Serious physical and psychological effects can occur unless a person goes through opioid detox first.

Opioid Abuse: An Epidemic

Dr. Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) testified before Congress in 2014. In her testimony, Dr. Volkow claimed that more than 2.1 million people have prescription painkiller addictions, with another 467,000 dependent on heroin. She stated this problem “affects the health, social, and economic welfare of all societies.”

While the statistics surrounding opioids are grim, we do have good news. You can beat your opioid addiction and gain a new outlook on life by entering our opioid addiction rehab center.

Signs of Dependency

You may have a dependency to opioids if you find yourself taking drastic measures to increase the effects. For example, you might crush pills and then snort or inhale them. You might even consume larger doses than recommended or combine opioids with alcohol or other substances.

Other signs you might have a dependency include:

  • Visiting multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions
  • Begging for pills from friends and family members
  • Foregoing necessities to have money for drugs
  • Avoiding situations where it is not possible to use opioids
  • Losing interest in things you once enjoyed

What Happens During Opioid Detox?

An opioid dependency can make you physically and mentally unable to function. During detox, you gradually learn to perform your normal functions again without relying on drugs. The only drugs you’ll have access to are prescription medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. We carefully control these medications and use them only under the advice of a licensed physician.

While in detox, you’ll also learn how to make healthy choices. As such, it lays the foundation for the more intense rehabilitation programs that follow. Detoxification may last only a few days, but you’ll accomplish much during that very short period.

Our Programs After Opioid Detox

We don’t want detox to feel cold and impersonal. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to help make the recovery more enjoyable. When you enter Crestview Recovery following your opioid detox with one of our trusted partners, you’ll have access to:

The Crestview Difference

At our facility, you’ll feel at home the minute you arrive. We’ll assign you to an actual house complete with a kitchen area, living room, and comfortable bedrooms. There, you’ll have access to everything you need to make important life changes.

While here, you won’t get lost in the shuffle. We have a low staff-to-client ratio, making it possible to meet each person’s needs in a timely manner. With our warm, caring team behind you, your odds of success increase tremendously.

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Opioid addiction is a serious issue that can quickly seize control of your life. You can overcome your addiction by visiting a reputable rehab center such as Crestview Recovery. Contact us today at 866.262.0531 and be on your way to sober living.