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Recovering from substance use disorder involves reshaping the fundamental components of your life that led to chemical dependency. The way we eat, sleep, think, and act are all interconnected. Adjusting nutrition is not an abstract or alternative concept; giving your body what it needs makes it easier to avoid what it doesn’t need. Research has been conducted for decades that supports the benefits of nutritional adjustments in substance use disorder treatment. Learning to follow the principles of good nutrition is a fundamental part of addiction therapy services at Crestview that supports whole-body wellness.

Nutritional therapy is a holistic program only offered by some addiction rehab centers. As part of this therapy, you eat a custom-tailored diet under the guidance of a nutritionist or dietician. Learning how to diet and exercise properly helps you feel better, build strength, and learn healthy habits that you can carry with you into recovery. Nutritional therapy also helps ready you for your road into lasting sobriety. The right diet makes your body and mind strong. You suffer fewer mood changes and less illness when you stay on a healthy diet. You think more clearly, keep emotional strength, and feel more positive when feeding your body and brain what they need.

Back to Basics: Good Nutrition Promotes Good Sleep

nutritional therapy programNot all rehab facilities will offer nutritional therapy, but we believe they should. Providing adequate nutrition improves our exercise, sleep, and cognitive functioning. If your rehab offers nutritional therapy, this great service starts on day one of your residential and inpatient or PHP program.

When you begin nutritional therapy in rehab, you eat a well-balanced, healthy diet that’s perfect for anyone seeking recovery. This diet meets specific rules of good nutrition and health. Early in your rehab treatment, you meet with your nutritionist to discuss your goals and determine your ideal diet.

If you are over or under your ideal weight, your nutritional therapist helps you reach weight goals. The therapy and your new diet also help you with drug or alcohol cravings for an easier road in early recovery. If you need dual diagnosis treatment due to a co-occurring condition with your addiction, nutritional therapy helps you gain balance in your life for that treatment, too.

Programs Used with Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy pairs with fitness programs, such as outdoor activities, physical fitness therapy, recreational therapy, yoga, and experiential therapies. Staying active is important in recovery, so you need a healthy diet to give you the energy and strength you need.

Art and music therapies also often go with nutrition programs. These activities require focus. Eating a quality diet helps you stay mentally alert, tuned in, and creative.

Life skills programs accompany nutrition. After addiction, people often struggle with maintaining proper life skills. These skills include menu planning, food preparation, cleaning, and even grocery shopping.

How Do I Ensure I Receive the Mix of Therapies I Need?

Although nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life, it’s only one of many therapies you need in treatment and recovery. In rehab, you also need a complete program of therapies suited to your individual needs. Other therapies that may make up your unique rehab program include:

When you review licensed rehabs for your recovery in the Pacific Northwest, ensure you find a program offering these types of therapies. One such program is Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Crestview Recovery provides all of the above therapies under the guidance of experienced therapists. When they need treatment, men and women from all over the Pacific Northwest achieve strong, healthy, and lasting recovery at this holistic drug rehab in Portland.

Addiction treatment programs of Crestview Recovery include:

If you’re ready to end your addiction to drugs or alcohol, then call Crestview Recovery in Portland at 866.262.0531. Through nutritional therapy and other programs guided by our compassionate therapists, you can enjoy lasting recovery. Call today so we can help you take your first steps to recovery.