Many therapeutic techniques help people overcome addiction. One type of therapy that not many people know about is motivational interviewing. Although not as well-known as other therapies, this process plays an important part in helping people overcome addiction. Learn more about it below.

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

motivational interviewing for addiction treatmentAs a unique type of counseling, motivational interviewing (MI) helps people overcome mixed feelings or insecurities. Studies show that insecurities are a leading cause of people turning to drugs for relief. Unfortunately, the drugs do nothing to solve the root cause of their emotional distress.

The Concepts of MI

MI aims to help people make specific changes in their lives. To motivate these changes, it uses three very distinct concepts. One of them is a collaboration between the therapists and their patients. This element is different from other forms of therapy that deal more with confrontation from the therapists.

Drawing out ideas from patients rather than from therapists is another MI concept. Other forms of counseling involve therapists imposing their own ideas on whoever they help. While that approach works in some cases, it means more to people when the ideas come from within themselves.

The last concept relates to authority because MI focuses on freedom for patients. This aspect differs from counseling approaches in which therapists have authority over their patients.

While these three concepts seem vague, they play important roles in MI. For the counseling approach to work, therapists have to keep them in mind at all times.

A Deeper Look at Confrontation and Collaboration

Avoiding confrontation is a key concept in motivational interviewing, but what does it actually mean? Many therapies involve the therapists confronting patients about their addictions. From that point, the therapists impose their ideas or views onto the individuals. Unfortunately, this approach can lead people to build walls, which makes it even harder for them to open up.

MI is more about building trust through collaboration to tear down these walls. However, this description doesn’t mean that the therapists just agree with everything that their patients say. Instead, they find a mutual understanding and avoid the notion that therapists are right and patients are wrong.

Benefits of MI

With a better understanding of the MI concepts, people can learn about its benefits. This counseling method offers many fantastic advantages that aren’t possible with other types of therapy.

One benefit is that MI helps people make up their minds. Those who suffer from addiction are typically uncertain about whether they want to stop using drugs. MI pushes them in the right direction without using a combative atmosphere.

MI also helps people develop a better understanding of their lives in general. It makes it easier for them to set goals and recognize that they need to change.

Crestview Recovery Offers Therapy to Help You Fully Recover

Motivational interviewing is just one piece in the overall process of fighting addiction. At Crestview Recovery, we understand this concept. That’s why we include it in our range of services. We offer several other unique and helpful programs too, including:

Crestview Recovery also offers extended care programs that last upwards of 90 days. We find that extended care gives you the extra time that you need to overcome addiction. In addition, our team also provides dual diagnosis treatment. It’s common to have another mental disorder alongside addiction, so we treat both at the same time.

Find out if motivational interviewing is right for your addiction. Let Crestview Recovery show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t hesitate to call us at 866.262.0531.