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Gestalt Therapy was developed in the mid-1940s by Fritz and Laura Perls as a revision of psychoanalysis. Gestalt therapy focuses on an experiential and humanist approach rather than analysis of the subconscious.

Gestalt therapy rejects the idea that the mind and body are two entirely separate entities. Instead of compartmentalizing different aspects of a person’s personality, Gestalt therapy views the person in a more holistic way. In this addiction therapy service, a person explores their sense of self and their choice of responses to environmental stimuli. The word Gestalt is a German word referring to a whole, configuration, pattern, integration, or form.

Gestalt Therapy and Substance Abuse

Expert support is a crucial part of recovering from substance abuse. Treatment programs at a top-quality rehab center are important to learn the right coping skills. Equally important is the personal discovery an individual makes in this journey of recovery. When you enroll at Crestview Recovery, our Gestalt therapy techniques help people become more aware of their feelings and, in turn, learn to manage them better.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers often use Gestalt therapy techniques to treat many mental and physical conditions that can coexist with substance abuse. Of course, these can include anxiety, low self-esteem, poor interpersonal relationships, fatigue, and chronic pain.

Examples of Gestalt Therapy Techniques

gestalt therapy techniques portland oregonGestalt is a German word that means shape or form. Fritz Perls, a German psychoanalyst, and his wife developed the treatment in the 1940s. Gestalt therapy techniques help people better express themselves by becoming more aware of their own feelings through observation and also experience.

Therapists at a mental health treatment and addiction center use many techniques in this type of therapy to help those with fighting substance abuse. These include:

Roleplay: Through role-playing, individuals understand and experience various emotions. They also observe how they present these emotions to others.

The empty chair: In this technique, the individual sits in front of an empty chair. He or she then imagines that another individual is sitting in this empty chair and starts to communicate with this individual. In the next step, the individual switches chairs and communicates from the perspective of the individual in the empty chair. This activity is highly beneficial in making people recognize different perspectives and how to deal with these differences.

Dream interpretation: The technique asks clients to relive their dreams by assuming the role of other people who appear in the dreams. This also helps patients understand what other people may have been experiencing in the dream.

Interpreting body language: Teeth clenching, muscle tension, or finger tapping are some of the unconscious ways of expressing emotions. This process aims to make an individual more conscious of his or her own body language.

The Goal of Gestalt Therapy

The primary objective of Gestalt therapy is to provide a safe environment for people to present or express themselves. Through Gestalt therapy techniques, people become comfortable with their own feelings and learn to make positive choices. It also helps these individuals recognize their own dysfunctional or destructive behaviors. As they become more aware of their triggers and responses to triggers, they are also better able to develop coping strategies.

Complete Healing at Crestview Recovery

As the preferred substance abuse rehab center in Portland, Oregon, Crestview Recovery focuses on delivering the best of care. We take pride in offering total privacy and comfort in our facility while friendliness and empathy are at the core of our services. Our partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient treatment are plans that offer flexibility along with maximum professional support. For those who need more time to recover, we also offer a 90-day extended care program.

Along with Gestalt therapy techniques, we also offer mindfulness meditation therapy. This technique helps you become more aware and accepting of your feelings and thoughts. Mindfulness also enables you to cope with stress in a healthy way.

Some of the other evidence-based programs we offer include:

Giving top priority to your safety and comfort while maintaining complete confidentiality comes naturally to us. With Crestview Recovery, you can truly unwind and heal in a home away from home.

Finally, get ahead on the road to recovery with Gestalt therapy techniques. Contact Crestview Recovery at 866.262.0531 to know more about our treatment plans.