Individualized Addiction Treatment

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When you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, using becomes all-important to you. Men and women who battle substance dependency put drug abuse before anything else in their lives, including eating and sleeping properly. As a result, their health often suffers. Entering rehab gives you another chance at life. Incorporating exercise therapy into a comprehensive treatment program can help you become the healthy, happy person you want to be.

Exercise Therapy in Addiction Treatment

woman running up stairs exercise therapy crestview recoveryYou’ll find different amenities and activities at various rehab facilities. Some centers provide a lot of holistic therapy, such as yoga and meditation. Others offer wilderness activities.

Exercise therapy is common, mainly because it presents a host of benefits.

When you abuse drugs and alcohol to get high, your brain and body chemistry changes. Over time, you don’t know how to function without these addictive substances.

However, you don’t need drugs to feel good and exhilarated. Our bodies are capable of producing dopamine, a chemical responsible for feelings of pleasure, when we take part in exercise therapy. Whether you were an athlete before drugs and alcohol took over your life or you’re looking for positive ways to reduce stress, fitness therapy can be part of your rehab experience.

Depending on the treatment center you attend, you may visit a fitness center or walk along wooded trails. Perhaps daily yoga or swimming will be part of your treatment. Any activity that gets you moving is beneficial, so you may hike, jog, or bike.

It doesn’t matter which specific exercise you choose. What matters is you’re doing something to contribute to your mental and physical well-being instead of tearing it down by using.

Exercise Therapy as Part of Long-Term Recovery

At some point, rehab will end, but your recovery is ongoing. You may feel some anxiety about resuming your life outside of rehab, especially when it comes to coping with stress, bad days, and cravings.

The great thing about exercise therapy is that you can continue this at home. Choose activities you enjoy so that you’re more likely to keep doing them.

If you have a bad day at work, you don’t have to reach for alcohol. Instead, go for a long walk or attend a kickboxing class to release your emotions. Tai chi and yoga are gentle exercises that you may prefer if you want to do something quiet and peaceful.

By using exercise therapy in your long-term recovery journey, you have a much better outlet for excess energy and negative emotions than drug and alcohol abuse.

Experience Cutting-Edge Rehab

Are you or a loved one in need of addiction treatment? Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon is an ideal place to start on the path to sobriety. Unlike some areas of the country, there aren’t as many rehab options in this region. We’re one of the few places in the Pacific Northwest where men and women can get the help they need.

The programs we offer include:

Our facility also provides therapeutic recreation activities, such as skiing, whitewater rafting, and snowboarding.

Compassionate team members make your individualized needs a priority. We have some of the most experienced addiction specialists in the field who understand how important whole-body health is.

No matter how long you’ve struggled with drug and alcohol dependency, you can get a new lease on life when you partner with us. Call Crestview Recovery today at 866.262.0531 to find out how to overcome addiction.