group enjoying rehab near keizerAddiction turns your life upside-down. It impacts not only you but also your family and community. Finding a rehab facility such as Crestview Recovery near Keizer sets you on the road to healing and greater fulfillment in life. Crestview Recovery supports your decision to get clean and improve your life experience. Read on to learn more about how we can help you with your addiction and what services we offer to get you on the road to a healthier lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol.

How to Know You Have an Addiction

Addiction is a mental health disorder that changes how your brain works. This disease creates dependence on a substance for survival and intense cravings when you cannot get it. If you have an addiction, your drug of choice becomes the most important thing in your life. However, your logical mind says, “Family is more important. I want to do well at my job and live a comfortable, healthy, happy life.” Even though you may want to overcome your addiction, your actions will follow the lead of the addiction. You may hurt your family and lose your job. You may even destroy your health.

Because the addiction has changed how your brain works, you still cannot give it up even when you see the harm addiction causes. If you are ready to re-take control of your own life, it is time to speak with our rehab center near Keizer.

How Treatment Centers Foster Recovery

Addiction treatment, therefore, is about re-writing this script. You need to undo some of the brain damage caused by addiction. Rehab is not easy. But you can do it with the support of our professionals who specialize in addiction treatment. You can find these professionals at rehab in our Crestview Recovery Center near Keizer.

In rehab, you learn and practice life skills to help manage your addiction. It is important to note that rehab is not a one-time event. Like any chronic disease, you need to manage addiction and regularly see your therapist. Crestview Recovery provides you with the support you need on an ongoing basis so that you experience a more meaningful and lasting recovery long after your days in rehab.

What to Expect in Rehab

In our rehab center, you can expect a program built around your unique needs. In rehab, you will work to get to the bottom of why you use drugs or alcohol. You may have some bad memories, trauma, or habits to overcome. In rehab, you will work through these issues in both individual sessions with your therapists and in a group setting.

Group therapy is effective because it gives you an opportunity to interact with people dealing with similar struggles. In a group setting, you know you are not alone. Additionally, you can also practice some of the skills you are learning before you go home and have to use then for real. For example, if your individualized program included anger management, you would be able to practice the skills you learned in rehab with your group before you return to family and friends who may have increased your anger in the past.

Rehab Near Keizer Is One Call Away

Crestview Recovery in Oregon offers you the chance to get on the road to recovery. We hook you up with the tools you need for success in recovery, relationships, career, and life. We offer programs like:

Are you ready to choose your own path and not let addiction choose it for you? Call Crestview Recovery Addiction Treatment Center at 866.262.0531 to learn more about our Keizer facility.