Maybe you’ve realized that you need help with an alcohol use disorder or drug addiction. Now, you’re checking out rehab facilities. What are the addiction programs that can have a significant impact on the quality of your recovery?

Freedom of Choice for the Delivery of Therapies

co-ed group therapy Addiction ProgramsSome facilities make you commit to a long-term stay. And, to be quite honest, for most program participants, a visit at the center is the best option. But, you have other choices, too. In fact, therapists work with you to determine the best delivery methods for modalities.

For example, some program participants will do better if they can return home at night. For them, a partial hospitalization is the best solution. Others catch their problem early on and don’t need the intensity of treatment that inpatient offers. They may do well with an outpatient treatment protocol.

Because it’s difficult to make decisions when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a therapist will work with you to make the decision. During an intake interview, this professional will ask you questions about your support network as well as possible safety concerns. It quickly becomes clear which treatment setting will be best for you. The objective here is to ensure success in your goal of recovery.

Broad Range of Addiction Programs Provide Multi-Faceted Treatment Opportunities

Crestview’s therapists recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when helping people in recovery. Each individual is different. Everyone’s reason for using varies. How they got to their points in life is unique to them.

As a result, everyone requires a slightly different approach to healing. Some are big on talk therapy while others are more hands on. Accommodating every need can happen when there’s a variety of addiction programs. The following therapies and programs can help for many reasons:

  • Individual therapy is the best delivery for a variety of psychotherapies because it’s just you and the expert
  • Group therapy sessions open the door for relating to others and ending self-isolation
  • Family therapy establishes healthy boundaries and teaches loved ones the elements of self-care
  • 12 Step program attendance lays a foundation for relapse prevention after your stay at the rehab facility ends
  • Life skills training assists with your ability to relate to others and live independently

However, did you know that recovery focuses on the mind, body, and emotions? For this reason, Crestview also provides opportunities for added healing approaches. Case in point is art therapy, which allows program participants to express themselves nonverbally. Yoga therapy combines exercise with breathing techniques that benefit your body and help with relaxation.

Meditation therapy encourages you to seek stress relief in non-chemical ways. For people struggling with addiction that took root because of stress triggers, it’s vital. Trauma therapy is another treatment that benefits individuals with unresolved issues from their pasts. It doesn’t affect everyone, but those who struggle with it need the help.

Why Reaching Out for Help is Vital

The broad range of addiction programs exemplifies that there’s a care protocol that can work for you. Because the condition is chronic and progressive, doing nothing will cause it to get worse. Case in point is your health.

You may start combining different drugs to chase an elusive “ideal” high. You take risks that you know you shouldn’t. Your relationships will continue to experience strains; some may break because of the stress. You need help now.

At Crestview Recovery, we treat a variety of addictions using our addiction therapy services, including:

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