In order to overcome an addiction, you’ll need access to quality treatment. At Crestview Recovery in Portland Oregon, clients will be able to get the treatment, support, and resources they deserve. With a variety of treatment programs and customized support, you’ll be well on your way to a lifetime of sobriety. Explore some of the many treatment methods, strategies, and advantages of treatment at Crestview Recovery.

Group Therapy

woman talks to doctor at Crestview Recovery in Portland OregonThere are many ways to combat addiction. One especially helpful treatment method is group therapy. During addiction and even in recovery, many people feel alone. They might not have any contacts who truly understand what they’re going through.

In group therapy, it becomes clear that others are going through similar situations. In a group dynamic, there are plenty of opportunities to share thoughts, feelings, and worries with like-minded people. Group therapy sessions become safe spaces where there’s no judgment and vulnerability is okay.

Best of all, group therapy is a peer support system. Other participants want you to succeed and can offer their own advice and encouragement. Often, these become friendships that can last long after rehab treatment is over.

Behavioral Therapy

Addiction is far from just a physical disease. It often has roots in many different causes, and changing behaviors is necessary for recovery. Unfortunately, those who struggle with addiction frequently display negative patterns of behavior. Through behavioral therapy, it will be easier to successfully stay sober for a lifetime.

Dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, seeks to control abnormal or inappropriate feelings. This allows people to act rationally rather than emotionally.

Another form of behavioral therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy. Also known as CBT, this therapy seeks to decrease negativity and increase positive thinking. This can help people feel more positive about their future and eliminates dangerous black-and-white thinking.

Family Involvement

At Crestview Recovery in Portland Oregon, family involvement can be a big part of the treatment. If family members are available and want to help, they can be a fantastic support system. First, however, they need to learn more about addiction and how to help rather than enable.

Family counseling can also open up channels of communication between loved ones. Through a therapist acting as a mediator, family members can rebuild broken relationships and move forward in recovery stronger than ever before.

Life Skills Training

Even if addiction treatment is amazing, clients still need to be ready to transition back to an independent lifestyle. That’s why life skills training is so important. When individuals are ready to take on the tasks of everyday life, they’ll be more successful in recovery and beyond.

Life skills training might include learning how to shop for food and cook basic meals. It can also focus on finding employment or maintaining a financial budget.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Evidence-based treatment for addiction can include things like behavioral and group therapy. While these are the bedrock of recovery, holistic methods can also be incredibly helpful. Therapies like massage and fitness can boost overall health and help people establish positive habits.

Rehab Programs at Crestview Recovery in Portland Oregon

At Crestview Recovery in Portland Oregon, there is a variety of recovery programs to choose from. The wide range ensures that you can find something that suits your needs, your schedule and your lifestyle. Just some of the options include:

We treat a variety of addictions, including:

On your journey to recovery, take full advantage of quality addiction treatment programs. At Crestview Recovery in Portland Oregon, you can overcome substance abuse and begin a life of sobriety. Call 866-580-4160 to regain strength and embrace sobriety for a lifetime.