Individualized Addiction Treatment

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Girl getting help from counselor at Alcohol Rehab near Lake Oswego If you are searching for an alcohol rehab center near Lake Oswego, it’s time to take a look at the services offered at Crestview Recovery. With partial hospitalization, treatment for dual diagnosis, and master’s level clinicians, you will get the care you need to start the path of sobriety. When you are ready to take your life back and move forward from your addiction, it’s time to locate an alcohol addiction treatment center near Lake Oswego that is there for you.

Recognizing the Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of alcoholism Oregon people can display for some time. Addiction manifests in several ways, but drinking alcohol is legal, and the symptoms that one is addicted to alcohol can be overlooked. You may be addicted to alcohol and need an alcohol rehab center near Lake Oswego if:

  • Your friends and family have been telling you they are concerned about your drinking
  • You are always looking for a new opportunity to go out drinking
  • You find yourself angry if plans to drink get canceled
  • You have missed time from work because of your drinking

 Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are apparent when you can’t control how much you drink, and you are always looking for ways to get drunk. When you find your life is consumed by alcohol, it’s time to take a closer look.

Support In Your Alcohol Recovery

In our alcohol rehab center near Lake Oswego, you will get help from peers, and the employees that work in the center. You will work closely with a therapist to talk about your addiction to alcohol, and you will be able to develop a treatment plan to help you in the early stages of recovery. You will attend group therapy sessions, and you will have access to skilled staff throughout your stay to help you learn more about your addiction and recovery.

Your Sobriety Journey Day by Day

It can feel overwhelming to begin the journey of sobriety. It is best to take your journey day by day, breaking it down into manageable parts. Once you realize that you can get through one day without abusing alcohol, the next day becomes a bit easier. Your addiction does not have to control your life. As you meet others who are also in recovery, you will develop a good support network to help you through when times get challenging.

Relapse Prevention and Addiction Recovery

In addiction and recovery, you will hear about relapse prevention and the ways you can try to change your life for the better. Relapse prevention strategies you may learn in an alcohol addiction treatment center near Lake Oswego, Oregon can include:

  • Creating a support network of peers who can understand what you are going through
  • Working with a therapist to address your triggers and discuss the emotional aspects of addiction
  • Learning new ways to cope with productive stress
  • Staying active in your recovery community to keep yourself on track

Relapse is a standard part of recovery. If you find yourself relapsing, it’s essential to get back to the basics of your sobriety efforts. Reach out to your support network, and they are going to understand what you are going through. Relapse is not a failure, but an opportunity to learn new ways to prevent future relapse.

Live Your Life Free From Alcohol

You don’t have to allow alcohol to control your life anymore. Break free from your addiction at an alcohol rehab center near Lake Oswego. Call us today at 866.262.0531 and start your journey of recovery.