Upon beginning addiction treatment Crestview Recovery, you’re going to feel the support from the staff as well as your peers. One of the keys to recovery is seeking strong recovery support groups, which begins in treatment. When you’re in active addiction, you may feel lost and alone. Many people feel like nobody in their circle understands, but addiction rehab changes that. When you begin treatment for your addiction, you’ll see that you’re not alone at all.

The Origin of Addiction Support Groups

addiction recovery support groups meetingBack in the 1930s, it was nearly impossible for people with addictions to stay sober because nobody understood addiction. Many people lost all hope. As much as many wanted to, doctors, friends and family members couldn’t help the people struggling with addiction. Bill Wilson is the founder of the first 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous. Through the creation of this program, he found something amazing. One person recovering from an addiction has the incredible ability to help someone else.

You might have heard about 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, but you may not understand them. In the meetings, members share their experiences, strength and hope to help one another. Hearing from others that have gone through what you have and now have an incredible life is amazing. This is why, here at Crestview Recovery, we place a strong emphasis on the following forms of treatment:

In group therapy, a clinician runs a therapy session that encourages peer support. In these groups, different topics come up that can help you see you’re not alone in your struggles. You’ll likely be amazed as you begin to hear people share about their lives and how they parallel your own. This will begin to show you that you aren’t alone and that there are people who actually understand how you feel.

In these groups, you’ll begin to see that your peers are able to offer you great suggestions for staying clean. One of the other major benefits of these groups is that you can give back by helping others. Many people come into addiction treatment programs without a sense of purpose in their lives. As you begin helping others, you’ll see that you have a new purpose and the ability to provide hope to people.

Having Fun with Support Groups

One of the biggest lies your brain tells you while you’re in active addiction is that you can’t have fun in sobriety. As part of the program here at Crestview Recovery, you and others will begin to see that life can be fun sober. Through different events and activities, you’ll begin to laugh and smile sober, which is a great experience. This helps your brain begin to retrain itself and see that it’s possible to get natural pleasure without drugs or alcohol.

As you continue to spend time with your support groups in treatment, you’ll gain unbreakable bonds. You’ll quickly find that you’re able to have better connections with people you just met than with many others. This is very important because you’re going to need additional support when you leave treatment. The bond you make with people in treatment will help you stay clean because you’ll have people to contact when the going gets rough.

Crestview Recovery provides addiction therapy services that can help you start fresh. No matter how low you are in life, you have the ability to recover. Find out more about our facility by calling us today at 866.262.0531.