Sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to the Olympic Pennisula,” Aberdeen Washington is a city in Grays Harbor County with a population of about 17,000. Even with a smaller population, there still is a need for a drug rehab center near Aberdeen, Washington. Drug addiction in this Pacific Northwest state has increased in the last several years, which means strong measures need to be taken to see it reduced. With the assistance of Washington Addiction Treatment Programs, people addicted to drugs find new hope.

Drug Rehab Center Near Aberdeen Washington

Located near the mouth of the Chehalis River and southwest of the Olympic Mountains, Aberdeen brings the rehab care needed for a group therapy session at Drug Rehab Center near Aberdeen Washington suffering people. Whether its drug or alcohol addiction, Crestview Recovery delivers top-quality treatment programs for the people in need.

Once you complete the admissions process, you will begin rehab by obtaining a thorough evaluation by a certified therapist. Your evaluation will include an assessment of whether you require mental health services. Some people with substance use problems also have a mental health disorder, and they may not realize it. Mental illness can go undetected or undiagnosed, and when it does, people often turn to substance use to self medicate.

However, by treating the mental illness you will discover that you can resist drugs easier. Therefore, the therapist will determine if you have a dual diagnosis, and if so, he or she will put you on the path for proper treatment.

After the evaluation, you and the therapist will create a treatment plan. Then you will begin your regular schedule of therapy. Therapy includes both individual sessions as well as group meetings. During group sessions, the therapist may guide the meetings in a topical manner, or the meetings may be more open-ended.

Treatment Programs for Addiction

Crestview Recovery treats a wide range of substance use issues. Treatment programs offered include:

In addition to:

Our drug rehab center near Aberdeen, Washington is experienced working with a variety of drug addictions. Having experience treating each particular drug addiction is crucial to delivering the best treatment. Some drug addictions require more extensive detox and therapy, while others can be handled with a withdrawal management program. In addition, therapy is personalized and based on different factors such as:

  • How extensive was the addiction?
  • What was the primary reason for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol?
  • Are there any mental health issues playing a role?
  • Do family members or loved ones play any part in the addiction?

In addition to:

  • What are the main triggers to use the substance?
  • What are the circumstances of home life, personal life, and friendships?
  • How strong is the person’s self-confidence?

By answering these questions, the therapist can better determine a course of action for therapy.

Next Steps at Crestview Recovery

Welcome to Crestview where you’ll feel right at home with our compassionate staff. We use evidence-based therapies to help lead you on your journey to healing. Find rest and hope at our serene facility. At our drug rehab center near Aberdeen, Washington, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Variety of treatment programs from which to choose
  • Comprehensive therapy regimen for patients
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for those who also have mental health disorders
  • Aftercare program available, as needed
  • Strong recovery community with which to be connected
  • Solid support from others who have been through similar situations

Don’t let a substance use issue interrupt your joy in life. Seek treatment today at our drug rehab center near Aberdeen, Washington. Contact us at 866.262.0531, and we’ll guide you to the road to success.