Known for its hilly terrain and irregular coastline, Bainbridge Island was once chosen as the second-best place to live. With a population estimated at close to 25,000, Bainbridge Island is the second-largest city in Kitsap County. Its proximity to Seattle has made it an area ripe for drug addiction though. The need for addiction therapy services near Washington is evident in the growing drug crisis. Our drug rehab center near Bainbridge will help those in crisis get back on the right pathway to healing.

The Addiction Cycle

Many people who end up in the life of drugs may wonder how it could have happened to them. No one intends on gettinga woman talking to her therapist at a Drug Rehab Center near Bainbridge addicted to drugs, but it happens to a great many people across the country. It may start with a prescription for painkillers after an accident or surgery, or maybe after a prescription for a chronic pain condition. Other people get started on trying one substance in response to past trauma in their lives. This is how the cycle begins.

Once you start taking the substance, your body builds up a tolerance to it. Physical dependence is the next step in the addiction cycle. This means that your body no longer responds to the dosage you were taking and requires more to acquire the same effects. As you increase the dose, your body and brain then acclimate to the new levels. What occurs is the brain becomes tolerant to a higher amount. Drugs suppress some of your brain’s natural chemicals, thus altering the chemistry of the brain. This is how addiction transforms into a disease. As the body adapts, the disease develops.

Breaking the Cycle Through Rehab

Fortunately, the services of a drug rehab center near Bainbridge will help you break the cycle of drug addiction. Therapists and compassionate clinicians get to the root of your drug addiction problem so you gain independence. Therapy is at the core of drug treatment near Bainbridge. Some therapy modalities include:

A qualified professional will give you a thorough assessment to determine which therapies are appropriate for your situation. You’ll work closely with a therapist to determine the reasons for your drug dependence.
Additionally, you’ll learn ways to maintain sobriety once you transition back to the real world.

Drug Rehab Center Near Bainbridge—A Place for Healing

A drug addiction treatment center near Bainbridge, Washington provides several treatment options for people. The one you choose depends on the severity of your addiction and the circumstances of your life. A drug rehab center near Bainbridge offers the following treatment plans:

Choosing the right treatment program is critical to continued success. In fact, many people participate in a combination of programs. For example, you may start out in the Extended 90-Day Program, then transition to an Outpatient Program or an Aftercare Program.

First Steps With Crestview Recovery

Crestview Recovery, your drug rehab center near Bainbridge, is conveniently located in Portland, OR. Our master-level therapists have the expertise and compassion to manage your situation with care. We offer a high level of one-on-one customized treatment to our patients. Whether you are coming for a full 90-day stay or coming on an outpatient basis, you become one of the family at Crestview Recovery.

Your first step in the journey to healing is to get in touch with us, so we can begin evaluation and insurance verification.

We work with a wide variety of insurance providers, which makes the process more seamless for you. Federal law prevents insurance carriers from denying claims for drug addiction rehab, so you will have some coverage. The amount of coverage varies from plan to plan. When you contact our rehab coordinator, we’ll determine the amount of your coverage and work out the other financial details with you.

Don’t wait until addiction overwhelms and controls your life. Be proactive and take the first step in overcoming addiction. Reach out to a quality drug rehab like Crestview Recovery. Contact us at 866.262.0531, and we’ll get you on the road to healing.