What classifies your heroin use as an addiction? When can you say without a shadow of a doubt that you need a heroin rehab center near Aberdeen? At Crestview Recovery, we can help you answer these challenging questions. We know that you didn’t intend to get addicted to heroin. However, now that you are battling this substance isn’t it time that you had help in defeating it? Get the help you need by calling the experts at Crestview Recovery. We can help you determine what level of treatment you need, and give you the care and support you’ve been searching for since your addiction began. 

What Causes an Addiction That Leads to the Need for a Heroin Rehab Center Near Aberdeen?heroin rehab center near aberdeen wa

At first, most people begin using heroin for fun. Maybe their friends pressured them to try it at a party in high school. Perhaps they enjoyed the pleasurable high that heroin supplies. However, as they continued to use it, they find themselves using more of the substance to get the same high. 

This story is relatively common among heroin users. Heroin is an opioid, which means it comes from opium. When you begin using heroin, the substance binds to your opioid receptors in your brain. Binding the opioid receptors results in your mind releasing the chemical dopamine. This chemical is the reason for the pleasurable high you enjoy when you use heroin. You enjoy the effects of the drugs, but they are temporary. As a result, your brain craves more of the substance to get the effect. 

When you repeatedly use heroin, your brain forgets how to produce dopamine on its own. Your heroin use has trained it that it needs the drug to release the chemical. Moreover, you develop a tolerance to the substance, so you need to take more heroin to get the first result. 

If you try to stop using heroin on your own, your brain doesn’t know how to respond, because it believes that it has lost the ability to operate without heroin. This results in withdrawal symptoms, as your brain retrains itself to work without heroin. Unfortunately, the manifestations of the relearning period can be unpleasant without medication and assistance. As a result, many people choose not to seek treatment; they’re afraid of withdrawal. However, when you come to a heroin rehab center near Aberdeen, you can rely on the support of compassionate staff members and reliable medications.

Get Help at Crestview Recovery

At our heroin rehab center near Aberdeen, you can rely on our experts to help you get through the withdrawal and recovery process. We offer a variety of programs so that we can help you through each step of the procedure. Our treatment programs include:

  • Heroin detox
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Aftercare and alumni programs

No matter what level of care you need, you will most likely spend a significant amount of your time at our addiction treatment program in therapy. We offer an assortment of holistic and evidence-based treatments at our heroin rehab near Aberdeen. Holistic therapies address the damage to your mind, body, and soul after addiction, and evidence-based therapies offer new perspectives and skills that you need to remain sober after treatment. Our therapeutic programs include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Biking therapy
  • Acupuncture therapy

It’s time to put an end to your addiction at a heroin rehab center near Aberdeen. At Crestview Recovery, we are committed to helping you overcome your addiction and learning how to enjoy life again. To learn more about our heroin rehab center, or to enroll in treatment, contact our experts today at 866.262.0531