We have many reasons to love the beautiful state of Oregon. There’s no sales tax, for one. But Oregon also has a darker side. It ranks third in the US for alcohol-related deaths. As many as 21% of adults are binge drinking, one of the highest rates in the nation. This kind of alcohol culture is hard to escape when you know you have alcohol addiction, even when it’s destroying your happiness. But working with professionals at our alcohol rehab center near Beaverton can help you develop the skills you need to skip the alcohol and live a more fulfilling life.

Now is the time to find a drug and alcohol rehab center, Oregon. You can reclaim control over your life and future. Crestview Recovery can help you overcome a life of continued alcohol abuse.

Am I Addicted to Alcohol?

How many times have you said to yourself, “I could quit any time?” The day of a particularly nasty hangover, you catch yourself repeating the mantra, “I’m never going to binge drink again.” You may see your health failing. Loved ones may be pulling away from you to protect themselves. You may spend money you don’t have to buy beer, wine, or liquor. You might have even lost your job.

alcohol rehab center near beavertonDespite the visible signs, when you’re in the middle of addiction, it’s hard to see all the damage caused by alcohol abuse. That’s because alcohol physically alters your brain. It presents itself as the solution, not the problem. It creates an overwhelming compulsion to drink even when you know it’s hurting you and your family.

But you’re here, reading this. You’re ready to take a closer look at your addiction and your life. And for that, we commend you. It’s not easy to admit that you’re no longer in control. The alcohol is calling the shots.

At our alcohol addiction treatment center, Crestview Recovery’s team of caring addiction specialists help residents of Beaverton begin reclaiming life and experience life-long healing on the recovery path.

What Can I Expect in Alcohol Treatment

An alcohol rehab center near Beaverton like Crestview Recovery believes that you’re not your addiction. You’re an individual with the terrible chronic disease of addiction. As we would with any disease, we take a holistic approach to heal the whole person: body, mind, spirit, and emotion.

Our alcohol addiction treatment center does this by offering guests many therapeutic approaches such as:

While in these therapies, you’ll begin to explore why you drink and why you don’t want to do it anymore. You’ll additionally learn proven life skills to start managing your impulses and retaking control of your life.

Finding an Alcohol Rehab Center Near Beaverton

Unlike many alcohol rehab centers near Beaverton, which only offer their residents up to 90 days of the 24/7 care, we offer our guests a 90+ day extended care program, if needed. For those who’ve been in a program before and relapsed, more extended programs have proven effective. They can help you stick to those commitments made to yourself and your family for long-term success in recovery.

During our partial hospitalization program (PHP), guests live in designated housing where they receive 24/7 care and supervision. During the day, they attend classes and therapies to learn to live without alcohol once they leave treatment. Once a person has graduated from a PHP program, they may move into intensive outpatient and then regular outpatient as they begin to develop skills to self-manage their addiction.

Whenever possible, strong family support is essential when making this transition to lower levels of care. And every person who has completed an addictions program should followup with an aftercare program like the one at Crestview Recovery. In these programs, you connect with people who’ve been through a similar recovery process, share current challenges, and encourage each other to stick with their commitments you made while in an alcohol rehab center near Beaverton.

Crestview Recovery is ready to help you take the next steps toward a better future. Call us at 866.262.0531 to explore your options.