If you or a loved one has struggled with a substance use problem, then a drug rehab center near Eugene will put you on the right track for health and peace of mind. Many people are challenged by the cycle of drug addiction yet very few make the move to seek treatment. At an Oregon Men’s Rehab Center, you will find the strength you need to make progress and be successful in breaking the cycle of addiction.

Hope at a Drug Rehab Center Near Eugene, OR

At a drug rehab center near Eugene, you will be able to grasp onto hope through Crestview Recovery’s range of treatment options. We know that addiction is something that gets a hold of people in different ways, yet, at the same time, there are similarities in how people respond to addiction. By understanding the similarities in addiction, we target our treatment to break through the seemingly endless problems.

Cycle of Addiction

By understanding the cycle of addiction, you will have a better understanding of how you became addicted to drugs. Let’s explore the typical way that this cycle works:

Intake of Substance

First, you are exposed to the substance and take it. This may be due to getting a prescription after surgery or because of an acute pain condition. Others may take it because of peer pressure, stress, or anxiety. Whatever the reason may be, this is the initial stage of the addiction process.


After you take the substance for a while, your body starts to get used to it, and you need more to get the same effects. You may need more to curb the pain or some people take more to feel the same positive effects like euphoria.


You are beginning to rely on doing the substance every day. It may be for psychological reasons or you may do it because it’s a habit. There is some physical dependence developing too. You may feel some discomfort if you cut back on the substance.


Now that your body is getting used to the substance, it is expecting you to feed it that each day. Abruptly quitting the substance will cause quite a few symptoms some of which may be uncomfortable and other symptoms may be dangerous. Because of the difficulty withdrawing, people continue to take the substance and increase it when they become tolerant.drug rehab center near eugene oregon

An addiction treatment center near Eugene, OR will address each of these steps in the rehab process as you heal. First, through therapy, you’ll address the reasons behind why you started on the substance in the first place. This is important in case there is a mental illness that requires treatment or a past traumatic incident that needs to be worked through.

Next, during the withdrawal, a team of professionals will ensure you are comfortable as you come off the drug or alcohol. Comfort medication may be used, if necessary to get you through the rough spots.

Finally, as you get past the withdrawal symptoms, your therapist team will teach you how to be successful as you transition into the world. You’ll learn the necessary skills and strategies to resist the temptations and cravings for whatever substance you were taking.

Introducing Crestview Recovery

Meet our compassionate staff who will guide you on your journey to healing. Find rest and hope at our serene facility. We offer several treatment options some of which include:

Don’t let any substance use problem interfere with your life. Seek treatment today at our drug rehab center near Eugene. Contact us at 866.262.0531, and we’ll guide you to the road to success.