Whether you want help with addiction for yourself or a loved one, recovery is possible. Individuals who suffer from addiction can get proper care and support at substance abuse treatment centers. Learn about what to expect in rehab and the features that make a facility great.

group therapy at substance abuse treatment centers

Counseling and Therapy

Counseling and therapy are the backbone of substance abuse treatment. They give patients the chance to determine the causes of their addiction and understand its triggers. There are several types of counseling and therapy that rehab staff may use.

Individual counseling deals with employment status, family relations, illegal behavior and other impaired functioning. It also helps patients focus on stopping substance abuse and helps them develop coping skills to prevent relapse. Most counselors encourage patients to attend a 12-step program once or twice a week. Group therapy is a big part of counseling in which patients benefit from community support.

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to change how patients act. This type of therapy also teaches coping skills to achieve and maintain sobriety. Therapists use dual-diagnosis treatment for people who have addiction as well as mental disorders. The purpose is to treat the underlying mental issue so that patients can focus on getting and staying sober.

Aftercare at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Many substance abuse treatment centers offer aftercare to help patients transition back into their daily lives after rehab. This might include sober living facilities, in which several people in recovery live together off-site. The rehab center staff still monitors the sobriety of those in recovery with drug tests, counseling and other outpatient services. Aftercare is ideal for people who are at a high risk for relapse.

What Makes a Drug Rehab Clinic Great?

People who need to choose a rehab center can separate the best ones by looking for several key features. One of the most important features is the credentials of the staff. It’s important for the counselors, therapists and other workers to have the right certifications and licenses. Potential patients also need to make sure that the staff offers successful treatment methods.

In addition to having credentials, the staff must be supportive. This includes offering words of encouragement. The staff needs to keep the rehab center clean and safe with proper security measures as well.

A peaceful and pleasant atmosphere is essential for rehab centers. All patients need to feel relaxed and stress free so that they can focus on recovery. The final, but very important factor, is the creation of a custom treatment program. No single program works for every person, so the staff needs to make a plan for each patient.

Substance Abuse Treatment at Crestview Recovery

Stopping substance abuse is very hard to do without help. This is because drugs cause chemical changes in the brain that lead to addiction and a compulsive need to keep using. At Crestview Recovery, we understand the importance of thorough care and proper support. Using evidence-based forms of treatment, our programs include:

  • Aftercare
  • Extended care
  • Dual-diagnosis
  • Intensive and regular outpatient care
  • Partial hospitalization

Put an end to the control that addiction has over your life. You can achieve this by enrolling in a treatment program at our quality rehab facility. Call Crestview Recovery at 866.262.0531 to get started today.