Individualized Addiction Treatment

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If you’ve ever searched for drug or alcohol rehab in Portland, you know not all addiction treatment services are created equally. If you’re serious about wanting to get clean and managing lifelong sobriety, you need quality treatment in a safe and supportive environment. To increase your chances for a total and lasting recovery, find a rehab that provides the opportunity for individualized treatment. A professional facility that can target care towards your unique rehabilitation goals will make all the difference in your recovery efforts.

Identifying the Best Addiction Treatment Services in Portland

woman in addiction treatment services in portland crestview recoveryWhether you’re new to rehab or attempting it again following an unsuccessful stint, you might be surprised at the varying levels of available care. The addiction treatment services offered by one rehab aren’t always comparable to the services offered by other rehab programs. One of the most important things to remember during your search is that addiction impacts people in dramatically different ways. The key to your success will be locating a program that can identify and address your specific needs.

Dual Diagnosis

One of the most helpful addiction treatment services in Portland is a dual diagnosis. Often, addiction to drugs or alcohol co-occurs with an emotional disorder, such as anxiety, bipolar depression (BPD), or schizophrenia. Essentially, the effects of one disorder can intensify and worsen the effects of the other condition. When both conditions don’t receive treatment simultaneously, the user remains at risk for addiction and future relapse.

Dual diagnosis is one of the most important addiction treatment services because it provides individuals with comprehensive treatment of co-existing disorders. True recovery requires a healing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual faculties. Dual diagnosis works to address both the user’s physical addiction and psychological disorder. This combination approach to treatment helped millions of people regain their sobriety and reclaim control over their life.

Addiction Therapy

Another feature among the most beneficial addiction treatment services in Portland is therapy. Addiction therapy with a qualified psychologist is a great opportunity to work through any personal problems or burdens that weigh you down. Often, these problems work to feed addictive behaviors. During therapy, individuals can learn healthier coping mechanisms and build upon their socialization skills. Additionally, users can learn helpful relapse prevention tools for maintaining lifelong sobriety.

Medically Managed Detox

Last but not least, another leading addiction treatment service is medically managed detox. If you abuse a mind-altering substance for long, it’s likely you’ll experience withdrawal when usage ends. Withdrawal symptoms can vary widely from substance to substance. However, most medical professionals identify them as sporadic and uncomfortable for users. Fortunately, detox overseen by experienced professionals can help make withdrawal a bit less overwhelming and prepare individuals for treatment.

Not all quality rehab centers provide onsite detox, but most offer detox referrals and arrangements at minimum. If your potential rehab facility cannot help you with setting up detox services, consider finding another rehab. You cannot overlook the importance of this basic, but essential, service.

Undergo Treatment at Our Portland Rehab

For the best addiction rehab center in Oregon, look no further than Crestview Recovery. Located in Portland, our center offers exceptional treatment to each of our guests in a private and serene setting. Our beautiful facility can be your haven while you rest and focus on achieving your recovery goals.

Depending on your needs, your time at our center could include some of the following addiction treatment services and programs:

Regardless of how long you’ve been abusing, our addiction treatment services in Portland can help guide you towards a sober and fulfilling future. You don’t have to suffer forever because of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Fulfilling and lasting rehabilitation can be yours, and you can achieve it in less time than you might think!

Start Working Towards Your Recovery Now

Don’t delay in finding help for your addiction problem. The best addiction treatment services in Portland can help make your journey towards recovery as smooth as possible. If you’re ready to start working towards a sober and independent lifestyle, then dial 866.262.0531 to speak with the professionals at Crestview Recovery.