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There are rehab facilities in cities all over the United States. Did you know, though, that one of the best places in the country to get help is in Portland, Oregon? Discover how to find best Portland drug rehab centers for adults.

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Gender-Specific Treatment Is Important

group of adults talking about best portland drug rehabMany people feel safer when they live in a gender-specific therapeutic environment. When people look for the best Portland drug rehab, they must remember that gender-specific treatment is valuable. They need to find a rehab center that provides separate treatment for men and women. People of different genders often have different needs when it comes to addiction recovery, and gender-specific treatment addresses these needs.

Keep in mind that men’s and women’s rehab programs overlap to some extent. After all, certain treatment programs simply work great for addiction in general. However, the approach that rehab centers take during these programs should differ depending on gender. It’s the only way to provide customized treatment that addresses specific needs.

The Best Portland Drug Rehab for Adults Offers Extended Care

There are a number of programs to consider for addiction treatment. However, people should look for a rehab center that offers extended care of some kind. These programs are crucial because they give people more time to overcome their afflictions.

As the name suggests, extended care is a program that offers extra time in treatment than standard residential rehab. In general, a standard program lasts between 30 and 60 days. An extended care program, however, typically lasts 90 days or longer.

The additional treatment duration often gives people the extra push that they need for ongoing recovery. Studies show that people who spend longer in rehab have a smaller chance of relapsing. Unfortunately, not all rehab centers offer extended care addiction treatment programs.

The Importance of Trauma Therapy

The majority of addiction stems from some kind of trauma. This is where trauma therapy services will be helpful. People use drugs and alcohol as a way to cover up the symptoms that manifest from those events. Unfortunately, it’s a temporary solution for a real problem. Instead, the best Portland drug rehab for adults offers trauma therapy to help individuals get to the bottom of their issues.

Trauma therapy is vital in treatment because it deals with the source of addiction. Dealing with this root cause gives people a much better chance of fully recovering. It also reduces their chances of relapse after treatment.

In addition, trauma therapy helps people overcome other mental disorders that might contribute to addiction. For example, trauma can cause anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These three disorders develop alongside addiction quite often.

Crestview Recovery Is One of the Best Rehab Centers in Portland

Only the best Portland drug rehab centers for adults offer all of the treatment options above. Therefore, reach out to Crestview Recovery. We’re a private drug rehab center that puts your needs first. Beyond the treatment options above, some of the other programs that we provide include:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment: We understand that many people have jobs and families to keep up with. We know that they can’t leave work or their loved ones behind and move into a rehab center. That’s why we offer intensive outpatient treatment, so that you can continue to work while getting the help you need.
  • Individual therapy: We believe that each person is unique, so we offer individual therapy to address your specific needs.
  • Group therapy: This is a great way to meet other people who are struggling with addiction and to get support from them.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Many people struggle with addiction due to a co-occurring condition like depression. Our dual diagnosis treatment allows us to treat both conditions simultaneously so that you can focus on getting better.
  • Rehab aftercare: It’s important to have a plan in place for after you leave rehab. We can help you develop a relapse prevention plan and connect you with resources in the community so that you can stay on track.

At Crestview Recovery, we specialize in providing the best Portland drug rehab for adults 18 years of age or older. Since we focus on this age group, we strive to provide a more mature and adult atmosphere. Our substance use and addiction team takes privacy and luxury very seriously as well. We want to provide you with treatment programs that you can’t get anywhere else.

Don’t wait to get help any longer. Let us aid you in your journey to kick the addiction to the curb. Find out more about the best Portland drug rehab for adults at Crestview Recovery. Call us at 866.262.0531 so that we can help you begin to heal.