Understanding what your insurance company will and won’t pay for is often tricky. Thankfully, insurance companies can no longer deny people help for addiction. What your health insurance covers will vary depending on your plan. However, there are a few general things that most insurance companies cover in terms of addiction treatment. Fill out our quick and easy insurance verification form to see what your health plan covers.

Affordable Care Act

Many people assume that rehab is optional, so insurance companies won’t cover it. While this was true years ago, things are different under the Affordable Care Act. Now, insurance companies must cover addiction counseling just like they would any other medical condition. However, the level of coverage depends on your individual insurance plan.

What Health Insurance Covers

Find out what health insurance covers at Crestview Recovery CenterWhat health insurance companies cover varies from state to state. It’s important that you look at the coverage laws in your state to get a better understanding of your rights. With that said, there are a few rehab programs that most insurance companies cover. For example, insurance companies usually cover a certain percentage of partial hospitalization or outpatient drug rehab center costs.

Some plans cover 100% of the cost depending on the length of stay. For example, some policies only cover one 30-day program a year. Others allow you to participate in extended care addiction treatment programs. Talk to your insurance company to determine the type of addiction coverage that you have.

Get the Rehab Experience That You Deserve

At Crestview Recovery, we believe that everyone should have access to the tools that they need to overcome addiction. We pride ourselves on offering these tools. We create custom plans for our clients to ensure that they receive the help that they need to overcome addiction. Some addiction treatment programs that we offer include:

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