There’s a growing link between schizophrenia and substance abuse. For that reason, finding a rehab center that offers dual diagnosis treatment is important. With that said, there’s a lot that people should know about schizophrenia disorder treatment before they seek aid. The more that they know, the easier that it is for them to overcome this terrible disorder.

What Is Schizophrenia?

schizophrenia disorder treatment program crestview recovery centerSchizophrenia is a severe mental illness that affects people in many ways. It has an impact on their emotions, decisions, relationships and much more. The first signs of this disorder typically appear in early adulthood.

Keep in mind that there’s no cure for this mental disorder. That’s why getting schizophrenia disorder treatment early gives people the best chance of living normal lives while managing the condition. Although they can never truly cure it, they can learn to manage it effectively.

Only a doctor can diagnose schizophrenia. It takes several exams, screenings, and evaluations to determine whether or not people have it. Only after diagnosing someone with schizophrenia can doctors start the treatment process.

Schizophrenia and Addiction

Why do so many people with schizophrenia suffer from addiction as well? The main reason is that they’re looking for some kind of relief from the symptoms. Living day in and day out with this condition can make them tired. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol provides relief even if it only lasts for a short period.

Unfortunately, they start to crave the relief that the drugs provide. Then, they may abuse these drugs to feel normal and keep their symptoms at bay. Over time, their bodies become reliant on the drugs and can’t function without them. At this point, drug dependency and addiction set in.

Thankfully, people don’t have to count on illegal drugs and alcohol for schizophrenia disorder treatment. Programs are available to teach them how to live with the illness. However, what happens during a schizophrenia disorder treatment program?

Schizophrenia Disorder Treatment

People can manage schizophrenia in many ways and live normal lives. It’s best if they start seeking treatment for this disorder at an early age. With that said, it’s never too late to find a schizophrenia disorder treatment program.

First, doctors typically choose to manage schizophrenia with drugs. Keep in mind that these drugs are very different from the over-the-counter or illegal drugs that people abuse. Rather than produce a state of euphoria, they add stability to people’s lives.

However, a good schizophrenia disorder treatment program doesn’t count on drugs alone. Therapy is an essential part in helping people learn how to control the disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling, and individual therapy are core elements of treatment.

Speaking of family therapy, family education is crucial as well. It’s important for family members to fully understand this illness. It also makes it easier to live with loved ones who suffer from schizophrenia. Thankfully, family therapy can educate relatives about the disorder.

Crestview Recovery Offers Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Do you or a loved one suffer from addiction and an underlying disorder such as schizophrenia? If so, Crestview Recovery can help you. We offer a wide range of programs and services that show you how to overcome both disorders. Furthermore, along with dual diagnosis treatment, some of the programs that we have include:

At Crestview Recovery, we offer schizophrenia disorder treatment for everyone who needs it. In fact, we provide gender-specific rehab for both men and women. These programs ensure that we can customize treatment for everyone. We also feel that it’s important to offer the most reliable care possible.

Finally, don’t let your disorder fuel your addiction any longer. Let us teach you more about schizophrenia disorder treatment. Reach out to Crestview Recovery today at 866.262.0531.