The prefrontal cortex–a part of the brain that allows people to learn from their experiences–does not fully develop in humans until people are in their early 20s. While some teens are able to experiment with drugs and alcohol without experiencing life-altering consequences, many are not. If you are concerned that your child has lost control, getting them into teen drug addiction treatment could save their life. Sending your child to rehab is not a punishment; it is a way to help them get their life on course.

teen drug rehab oregonShould I Send My Child to Residential Treatment?

Teen rehab centers are places where teens can get help for drug dependence. Some rehab centers offer treatment for both teens and adults, while others focus on just one age group. At Crestview, we offer alcohol and drug treatment for teens 18 and up.

Just like in typical rehab centers, teens usually have to undergo detox before they enroll in a rehab program. While detox alone can’t help them overcome addiction, it can help pave the way for an easier rehab experience. At Crestview Recovery, we offer post-detox treatment, and we can refer you to one of Portland’s best detox centers if necessary.

What to Look for in a Teen Drug Rehab Center

During the search for a teen drug rehab center, parents shouldn’t focus so much on centers that only accept teens. Instead, they need to look for rehab centers that fit several general criteria of care.

First is the quality of care that the center offers. Finding centers that offer quality care can make the difference between failure and success. Parents can look for a few things that may provide clues. Some questions that parents should ask include:

  • Is the staff-to-client ratio fairly low?
  • What are the medication management options available?
  • Can parents be involved in the recovery process?
  • Are aftercare services available?
  • Are both long- and short-term care available?
  • Does the staff prepare personalized treatment plans?

Beyond quality care, parents also need to look at which kinds of treatments that centers offer. The best results usually come from rehab centers that provide evidence-based treatments in conjunction with holistic treatments to ensure that the whole person receives treatment.

Before parents can get help for their teens, they have to know that their teens need help. It’s important to be able to spot the signs of drug use. Some common ones include loss of interest in family events, breaking curfew, and a sudden disrespect for rules. However, parents also have to pay attention to physical signs. Do their teens show a sudden decrease or increase in appetite? Are they suddenly lying about their activities? Are they spending more time in their room than usual?

Answering yes to any of these questions is cause for concern. However, the last and biggest sign is drug paraphernalia. If parents come across pipes, small glass vials, remnants of drugs, or small plastic baggies, these are indications of drug use.

Get Help for Your Teen at Crestview Recovery

Once teens enter the dark world of drugs, it’s hard for them to climb back out on their own. Unfortunately, most teens are too afraid to ask their parents for help. As parents, it’s important to notice the signs of drug abuse and get them the help that they need.

At Crestview Recovery, we can help your teen overcome his or her drug addiction problem. We offer a number of teen drug rehab programs, including:

Get your teen the help that he or she needs today at Crestview Recovery. Find out how our personalized programs and friendly staff can make all the difference. Call us at 866.262.0531 to set your teen down the path to recovery.