Marijuana addiction is an underrated problem that impacts the lives of millions of Americans and their loved ones. Though most don’t consider it to be dangerous, repetitive use of marijuana can result in many lasting effects. For help overcoming an addiction to marijuana, you should seek the assistance of a top-rated substance abuse program.

An ideal program is capable of meeting your personal and individual needs, based on your history with abuse. By finding a quality drug rehab program, you can greatly reduce your risk of relapse.

What Does Marijuana Addiction Look Like?

two people smoking joint have marijuana addictionMarijuana is a natural substance that creates calming, euphoric effects. Many consider it a “gateway drug” since it commonly leads users to experimentation with other, higher risk substances. In fact, a large majority of people who abuse other drugs also have a history of marijuana abuse.

For many, marijuana is relatively easy to find. It’s abundant in both urban and rural areas of the country. No one, specific group of people is at higher risk than others for developing a dependence to the drug. Compared to other drugs, it produces mild side effects and symptoms. Most notable are a calm demeanor followed by feelings of drowsiness and hunger.

Long time or frequent use of marijuana can cause the user to lose motivation and interest in activities they previously enjoyed. Some users slack on fulfilling their personal and professional obligations if they interfere with their ability to use marijuana. Some individuals also gradually distance themselves from friends and family members in order to conceal their drug use.

Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

The drug abuse definition outlines this problem as the repetitive abuse or taking of any addictive or illegal substance for its mind-altering effects.

If you or a loved one has a dependency to marijuana, it might be time to seek outside help for your problem. Marijuana is not lethal, but it can have disastrous consequences on your life if you give it the chance.

At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, we can help put you on the path to successful and sustainable recovery. You don’t have to waste another day of your life as a victim to your disease. Our comprehensive treatment plans help individuals get sober and learn important tools for fighting the temptation to abuse drugs again once they complete treatment. In order to maintain your sobriety, you must learn a new outlook on life. Additionally, developing positive coping skills for future obstacles is a necessity.

Set in the beautiful Pacific NW, our substance abuse treatments give you a successful shot at recovery. We are able to treat all addictions.

Guests can benefit from the following programs and services:

  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Detox referrals
  • 90-day extended care program
  • 12 step recovery

Let Us Help You Beat Marijuana Addiction

Are you ready for positive change? With the help of the professionals at Crestview Recovery, you can put an end to addictive behaviors and open the doors to your future. If you choose us for your recovery treatment, we won’t stop until you are on the path to lasting sobriety. To begin your recovery experience, call us now at 866-580-4160.