Heroin is a dangerous and highly addictive drug, so it should come as no surprise that it can negatively impact your life. Heroin can cause short-term physical side effects, pose severe long-term health risks and destroy social relationships. While heroin effects are devastating, recovery is possible. Explore the scope of heroin effects to truly understand the need for rehab.

The Immediate Effects of Heroin Use

man and woman suffering from heroin effectsWhether users inject, smoke or snort it, heroin immediately impacts the brain and the body. Thanks to the fact that it’s an opioid, heroin can immediately create a feeling of pleasure, or of numbness, in the body. Essentially, heroin is a depressant for the entire nervous system.

A common effect of heroin consumption is a condition called nodding. This is when users fall into a state that’s not quite sleeping and yet not quite waking. Drowsiness and lethargy are common. Worse, some users experience a significant drop in heart rate or respiration, causing a coma.

Over time, heroin users may begin to notice that the number of the drug’s side effects increase. Even minutes after use, these side effects are noticeable. They can include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, blue lips and hands, confusion and dry mouth.

Long-Term Symptoms of Heroin Consumption

If the short-term effects of heroin are bad, then the long-term effects are even worse. Heroin use impacts the way that the brain responds to stimuli. This can lead to an increase in pain sensitivity, and may also raise mental health concerns. Conditions like depression, paranoia, anxiety and suicidal tendencies all increase in likelihood after prolonged heroin use.

Heroin use can also lead to a number of serious physiological problems. As an opiate drug, heroin causes constipation. This can be very uncomfortable and can lead to major digestion issues over time.

Heroin use also weakens the immune system. This makes heroin users more likely to catch colds and struggle with other communicable diseases.

Individuals who use heroin regularly may suffer from skin conditions. This is especially common because of picking when users believe there’s something under their skin. The drug can also cause insomnia, dental problems, and malnutrition.

Heroin Use Can Become an Addiction

Particularly worrying is the fact that heroin is so incredibly addictive. There’s no safe way to try heroin just once. In fact, many people who use heroin only do so because they already have an addiction to a prescription opioid medication. The only truly effective way to avoid developing a heroin addiction is to never use this drug at all.

Heroin Effects Can Include Financial and Career Problems

While heroin can clearly impact health, it can also create problems in other areas of life. Using heroin means that other things become less important. This includes family, relationships, and career.

In addition, heroin use is expensive. Combine the cost with a reduced performance at work, or even losing a job, and financial problems are very likely.

Breaking Free From a Heroin Dependence

Once an individual develops a chemical dependence on heroin, solo recovery is unlikely and extremely difficult. That’s why the best course of action is seeking out heroin addiction treatment. Addiction treatment comes in many varieties, so patients can always find a program that suits their needs and lifestyle.

When selecting a recovery program, look for:

• A range of behavioral therapies
• Individual, group and family therapy
• partial hospitalization and outpatient options
• An emphasis on relapse prevention
• Fitness and art therapies

Heroin effects impact all areas of life. To rid yourself of these effects once and for all, get to know Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Call 866.262.0531 and start imagining your future of sobriety.