Mens alcohol rehab programs evolved because their addictions affect them differently than women. Generally, each gender begins using substances for different reasons and at different points in their life. Men and women also turn to treatment at different times in their addiction.

How Mens Alcohol Rehab Works

two men laugh during mens alcohol rehabMens alcohol rehab focuses on the specific treatment needs of men, allowing more individualized care for each person. Men in alcohol rehab or a mens drug rehab program face unique pressures and challenges that women typically don’t. The basis for these challenges and pressures come from destructive stereotypes and society’s expectations of men.

Sexual abuse and exploitation in youth often lead to alcohol or drug addiction in adulthood. Society today addresses sexual abuse and exploitation in women more readily than in men, leading men to feel shame and guilt in their victimization. It also creates hurdles in addiction recovery when men gain treatment alongside women. Mens alcohol rehab provides men the secure setting they need to address these traumas.

Men-only programs provide men greater focus on recovery. They often also feel more comfortable discussing important problems around other men, without the social pressure of women being present. Experts assert that men share and speak less around women because of societal stereotypes and expectations. Without women around, men feel less shame in sharing their needs or problems.

Therapies among male peers are also more effective for men. These therapies apply greater focus to issues relevant to men, instead of general topics suited to both genders. Men have concerns in different life areas than women. Being able to focus on these worries and stresses is invaluable toward lasting recovery.

Important Factors in Male-Only Treatment

Men facing addiction issues have more treatment options than ever before. This is why it’s important for them to screen mens alcohol rehab programs for treatments that they need. Important treatment factors include the location of the program, program length, and presence of aftercare programs.
A recent study shows men are at greater risk for substance abuse than women. They gain the help they need less frequently than women and suffer greater tendency toward relapse. Look for these signs of a quality mens rehab program to ensure the best possible chance of recovery:

  • Master’s level therapists who understand unique needs of males
  • A mix of individual, group, family and holistic therapies
  • Male-only group therapies and support programs
  • Relapse prevention planning suited to mens greater likelihood of relapse
  • Personalized treatment planning for personal goals in treatment and recovery
  • Aftercare planning

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Men Need in the Pacific Northwest

In Portland, Oregon, men turn to Crestview Recovery for the alcohol and drug rehab they need. Crestview Recovery understands men and women have unique needs in rehab, so we provide both men and women with gender-specific treatment programs. People from all over the Pacific Northwest gain treatment here, including men from Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana.

Our Portland addiction treatment programs include:

If you or a man you love is ready for lasting drug or alcohol addiction recovery, call Crestview Recovery at (866) 580-4160 for quality rehab treatment.