Heroin withdrawal symptoms are both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Trying to detox alone comes with both immense health risks as well as an increased risk for relapse. If you’re tired of living the way you’ve been living, then you need to start by finding a medically supervised detox. This type of program will minimize your symptoms and give you the best chance of staying clean.

Why do Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Happen?

sick woman by window has Heroin Withdrawal SymptomsOur bodies are on a constant mission to maintain equilibrium through the balancing of internal chemicals. Whenever you introduce a substance to the body regularly, the balance begins to change. The body finds ways to adjust even when you’ve developed a regular coffee habit or eat a lot of foods with sugar. Once the substance begins to metabolize, the balance is off, and you begin to experience different symptoms.

Obviously, when it comes to heroin withdrawal symptoms, what you experience is much worse than what you’d experience from caffeine withdrawal. This is because of the way that heroin affects the neurotransmitters in the brain. When heroin begins to leave the system, the neurotransmitters begin to misfire and cause uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms from heroin withdrawal are both physical and psychological, and they can include:

  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Cold sweats
  • Anxiety

Overcoming Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Safely

If you have a heroin addiction, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced the symptoms of withdrawal before. For some people, the symptoms of withdrawal can happen within hours after you used. You understand how harsh and uncomfortable these symptoms are, which may be why you can’t quit. The good news is that medical detox programs at a professional detox facility can help reduce withdrawal symptoms greatly.

Thanks to modern medical science, many medications exist that can help people who struggle with a heroin addiction. Medications like Suboxone trick your brain into thinking that heroin is still coming into your system. This helps reduce anxiety, cravings and an assortment of other symptoms. Through the medical detox process, you’ll gradually taper off of these medications so you can smoothly transition to addiction treatment.

Treatment After Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms at Crestview Recovery

You may be wondering why you need additional treatment after you complete the detox process. If staying sober was just about overcoming the symptoms of withdrawal, we wouldn’t have the addiction epidemic we’re seeing today. The key to long-term recovery from an active addiction is learning the source of your issues and why you turn to drugs. It’s also about recognizing all the reasons you currently use and finding new ways to deal with these thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In treatment, you’re going to work individually with a therapist who will help you learn how to live a new life. Whether you’re dealing with difficult relationships with your family or struggling with a mental illness, a solution exists. Through the treatment process as well as support from your peers, you’ll begin to see that you don’t have to live in misery any longer. You’ll leave treatment with the tools you need to stay clean.

Crestview Recovery Center is dedicated to helping people. After going through detox at our trusted partner facility, clients return to Crestview for comprehensive treatment afterwards. We’ve helped people just like you find a better way of living, and we’d love to be part of your success story. Some programs we offer here include:

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