Did you know that Oregon ranks third in the US for alcohol-related deaths? That’s not something we want to be known for. Binging drinking and alcohol abuse is prevalent in the area. But just because so many people are doing it doesn’t mean you can’t make a better choice. If you’re struggling with alcohol abuse, please don’t become another statistic. Crestview Recovery, an alcohol rehab center near Eugene, can help.

It all begins with exploring the signs of alcoholism in Oregon.

How Do I Know If I Have Alcoholism?

Everyone is different. But you may find yourself saying things like these 10 things people with alcoholism say:

  1. “I’ll never drink again,” when you wake up with an awful hangover, do something reprehensible like hit a loved one, or embarrass yourself royally
  2. “I can quit any time I want.”
  3. “I’m not as bad as that guy/gal.”
  4. “Problem. I don’t have a problem. You’re the problem.”
  5. “I work hard. I deserve a little relief. This is the only way I can wind down.”
  6. “I’m not hurting anybody else, so leave me alone.”
  7. “You knew what I was when you married me.”
  8. “Who are you to judge me? You have your own vices.”
  9. “Nobody understands how bad it was.”, usually referring to abuse or another traumatic event
  10. “It’s not a party if there’s no beer.”

Even if you have said similar things in jest, these statements or comments like them are common among people with alcoholism. That’s because deep down, you probably know that you’re hurting yourself and others. But it’s just too hard to look at it without going for another drink.

group of people at our eugene oregon alcohol addiction treatment centerThis vicious cycle keeps so many trapped in addiction.

But you can find hope and a renewed way of living life in recovery by entering a program at an alcohol rehab center near Eugene. In an alcohol rehab center, you can begin working through some of the tough stuff you’ve been through and continue to face.

You’ll learn how to look at those things you don’t want to see in yourself. You’ll do it without shame and blame. Instead, you can focus on doing what’s right for you and your family.

What’s Alcohol Treatment Like?

It begins with a physical and psychological assessment by a doctor at an Oregon alcohol addiction treatment center near Eugen. Once this assessment is complete, you and your doctor will have a better understanding of what kind of treatment you need. They’ll then design a plan of care.

You’ll usually complete some of this plan of care during partial hospitalization (PHP), where you have 24/7 supervision and support. You live in safe and supervised housing provided by Crestview Recovery.

But as you progress through the plan, you graduate to lower levels of care like intensive outpatient. At this level, you attend therapy and treatments during the day but go home at night and on the weekends. If you have strong family support and don’t need PHP, then you might start at this level of treatment, which works better for busy professionals.

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

Crestview is committed to the long term recovery of its guests. Because of that, we’ve also built an active aftercare program, so we’re always here for you.

In these settings, you may attend evidence based-treatments like:

Additionally, we believe that people learn and grow most effectively when they enjoy their experience. So we’ve incorporated skiing, snowboarding, and similar activities into our programs. These aren’t just for fun. Through them, you’ll learn vital life skills and explore just how great life can be when you choose to give up drinking.

Our alcohol addiction treatment center takes a holistic approach to healing. To this end, each activity you participate in at our alcohol rehab center near Eugene will support mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Crestview Recovery, Your Alcohol Rehab Center Near Eugene

Do you show the above signs of alcoholism? Is it destroying your life, finances, health, and happiness? Then you’re ready to take the next step. It just takes a call to learn more about your options. You may be surprised how easy it can be to get into treatment. Call us at 866.262.0531 to explore your options.