A drug or alcohol addiction intervention is a great way to get someone into rehab. Despite being an important part of the process, many people don’t know much about family mediation. Gaining knowledge about this step and its benefits is an important part of truly understanding rehab.

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What is an Addiction Intervention?

An intervention is an event in which people attempt to get a loved one to agree to rehab. Some people don’t resist the idea of rehab, so they don’t need family mediation. In most cases, mediation involves only family members and close friends. Rather than attack the users, the goal is to make them see that they need help.

Every family mediation has different formats and guidelines depending on who runs the event. However, most of them involve family members who voice their feelings to the drug users. It’s important for the users to see that their actions affect not only themselves but also those around them. The family members typically agree on a plan of action and prepare what they want to say beforehand.


What Are the Main Reasons Why People May Need Mediation or Intervention?

The main reason that people need an intervention is that they aren’t aware of the damage that they cause. However, some other reasons include:

  • They can’t handle the withdrawal that comes with getting clean
  • Their drug cravings drive them to think that they can function normally without drugs
  • They aren’t self-aware that they have an addiction or substance use problem
  • They have a low opinion of themselves and don’t feel like they deserve help

Benefits of Family Mediation or Intervention

There are many benefits of holding an intervention for a family member. For example, early mediation might get a loved one into rehab sooner. The quicker that they can get help, the easier that it is for them to overcome their drug use problems.

Mediation is also a great option for people who become defensive about drug use. They typically make up excuses for it. Approaching them in a group setting can make it easier to tear down their justifications.

Family mediation makes it easy to clearly lay out consequences if they don’t seek rehab. Many people feel like they don’t have to stop taking drugs because there are no drawbacks. During mediation, family members can clearly define the drawbacks. For example, they can tell the user that they will no longer give them money.

Lastly, family mediation lets the drug users know that their families still care for them. People who use drugs often hurt the ones who they love the most. Over time, they begin to feel like their families no longer love them because of their drug use problems. Mediation shows them that their families love them and just want them to get help.

Crestview Recovery Is Here to Help You Overcome Addiction

At Crestview Recovery, we don’t want you or a loved one to go through addiction alone. Once you agree to enter rehab, our friendly staff will ensure that you have access to helpful recovery options. It’s never too late to get help for addiction.

Crestview Recovery takes pride in offering a wide variety of treatment options. We create custom treatment plans to ensure that we meet all of our clients’ needs. Some addiction recovery programs that we offer include:

Find out what it takes to overcome your addiction at Crestview Recovery. Let us show you how to find the light at the end of your dark journey. Reach out to us today at (866)262-0531 so that we can help you.

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