Do you ever feel like you are so angry that you have no control over your emotions? Sometimes anger can cause us to lash out at others in ways that are not acceptable. And in some moments, our anger can lead to emotional eruptions or physical altercations. If you have trouble managing your anger, mental health services can help you learn strategies to manage your triggers. Crestview Recovery is a mental health treatment center in Portland that provides anger management programming as an outpatient service. Learn more about how you can get your anger under control by calling 866.262.0531.

What Is Anger Management Treatment?

anger management treatment portland oregonAnger management treatment is learning strategies that will allow you to recognize your anger and identify actions you can take to respond to stressful and frustrating situations positively. Anger management treatment does not expect you to stop feeling angry or downplay your feelings. Instead, anger management acknowledges that anger is a normal emotion that needs to be processed appropriately. We offer anger management assistance in the following Crestview programs:

Bouts of anger can lead to unexpected and often dangerous situations. However, coping with anger is possible. Getting control of your anger through an anger management treatment program may be the key to unlocking the life you want to live.

What Can I Expect in an Anger Management Treatment Program?

When you decide to participate in anger management counseling, you will have to begin with the understanding that it is a process. Anger management treatment can last for a few weeks or months. Depending on your needs and the structure of the program, it may take longer. You can participate in anger management counseling in several ways. While some people attend group sessions, others work with their loved ones or even one-on-one. However, the purpose is always the same: to learn the necessary tools to manage your emotions. During your anger management sessions, you will focus on learning skills to navigate and cope with your anger. You will learn how to:

  • Advocate for your needs and express your feelings without being aggressive
  • Communicate your feelings effectively so that you can easily remain calm and resolve your conflicts
  • Identify behavioral skills that you can use when you believe your anger will be triggered
  • Manage your stress levels. If you know how to identify your stressors and find solutions such as yoga or meditation to help you manage your anger, you are less likely to respond to situations in an aggressive manner
  • Solve your problems, redirecting your emotions from anger and frustration to resolution
  • Think intentionally about your behavioral choices and think logically about situations

What Are the Consequences of Not Managing Your Anger?

If you leave your emotional triggers unchecked, problems can arise. Anger has been known to cause many self-esteem and relationship problems. A few of these include:

  • High levels of anxiety
  • Feelings of embarrassment, guilt, remorse, and shame
  • Damaged relationships as a result of verbal or physical outbursts
  • Fractured relationships with children and other family members
  • Weakened professional relationships

In addition, extreme anger has also been associated with road rage, domestic violence, physical assault, child abuse, and murder. By seeking mental health treatment in Portland, you will be taking the necessary steps to cope with your anger.

Discover Mental Health Treatment in Portland, Oregon

If you realize that you are not controlling your emotions positively, it is time to get help. At Crestview Recovery, our mental health treatment program located in Portland, Oregon, will help you identify your emotional triggers and support you in learning strategies to manage your behavior effectively. Contact us at 866.262.0531 and begin your journey to managing your emotions today.