Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders. While Librium is a medication that can help them, it has a potential for abuse. Because of that, some people find themselves needing Librium addiction treatment. This program can teach them how to stop using the drug and manage their anxiety in healthy ways.

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About Librium and Addiction

As a prescription benzodiazepine (benzo), Librium is a brand name for chlordiazepoxide. It’s the first benzo that researchers created in a lab. The Food and Drug Administration approved it for medical use in the 1950s. After that, it became a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Since Librium affects the central nervous system, doctors prescribe it to calm the symptoms of anxiety disorders. They might also use it to treat insomnia. In some cases, rehab centers administer Librium to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

However, some people abuse these multi-colored capsules for the calming effect. When their doctors no longer prescribe the medication, they buy it from street dealers. They may call it a variety of names, including bennies, downers, nerve pills, blue bombs, or tranqs. In large doses, the benzo can produce a high that’s similar to drunkenness.

Despite that, Librium has one of the lowest potencies of all benzos. For that reason, people who seek a very relaxed state combine it with other drugs. Doing so boosts the effects. In other situations, they use the drug to offset the effects of hard substances such as cocaine.

These behaviors are dangerous and increase people’s risk of needing Librium addiction treatment. Family members might notice that they lie, take higher doses than they should, and visit multiple doctors. Sometimes, Librium becomes their main focus, so they neglect their relationships and normal obligations. In addition, the addiction can make them confused, restless, and irritable.


What to Expect in Librium Addiction Treatment

Every Librium addiction treatment program must address the unique needs of each person. The reasons are that no course of addiction is the same and no treatment method works for everyone.

First, a Librium addiction treatment program begins with detox. True healing can’t begin until the drug toxins leave the body. Because of that, people undergo detox to allow the body to naturally eliminate these toxins.

Detoxification may involve medications and therapies to help reduce cravings, stabilize moods, and address any underlying psychological issues related to substance use. It typically lasts several days to several weeks depending on the individual’s progress in treatment. During Librium detox, individuals may also receive medications to reduce symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, professionals will provide counseling, support groups, and other forms of therapy to help prepare patients for the next step in their recovery journey.

Seeking help at the right treatment center ensures that the process of detox is safe and comfortable.

The second step in Librium addiction treatment is therapy. Trained professionals use various evidence-based and holistic techniques to produce lasting changes in people.

As one of the most common methods, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) guides people to alter how they think. The premise behind this technique is that negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and behaviors. By changing these thoughts, people feel and act better. Furthermore, CBT teaches them coping skills to manage stress and avoid relapse.

Holistic therapies take a different approach in a Librium addiction treatment program. Along with addressing mental and physical damage from addiction, they heal emotional and spiritual damage. A few examples include meditation, nutrition, biking, hiking, and massage therapies.

The last step of Librium addiction treatment is aftercare or continued treatment. It’s important that people don’t miscalculate the power of cravings after rehab. Enrolling in a program or completing a plan for ongoing support can help them prevent relapse.

Aftercare typically includes ongoing counseling, support groups, medication assistance, and other resources to help the individual stay sober and successfully reintegrate into society. Individuals need to have an aftercare plan as part of their recovery program as it can have a significant impact on their sobriety and overall well-being.

Visit Crestview Recovery to Overcome Prescription Drug Addiction

Do you need help for Librium abuse or addiction? Crestview Recovery offers a program that our trained staff customizes based on your needs. However, we provide more than just treatment for Librium. Our professionals can treat other prescription and illicit drug addictions through programs such as:

During your care, counselors at Crestview Recovery will assess your need for dual diagnosis treatment. Our team also provides a family therapy program to help you mend personal relationships and build support at home. In addition, we have programs that solely focus on the needs of men and women.

Put an end to the damage that Librium or other substances have caused in your life. Get the Librium addiction treatment that you deserve at Crestview Recovery. Reach out to our staff to learn more at (866)262-0531.

Librium Addiction Treatment

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