Motivation is a critical component in reaching any goal, including addiction recovery. If individuals have no desire to quit, they will show little interest in participating in therapy or trying to change their life. Motivational enhancement therapy in Portland helps bridge the gap between the desire for change and taking action to make those changes. It’s a short-term mental health treatment technique for increasing a client’s motivation toward leading a sober life.

At Crestview Recovery, we help men and women 18 and over who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, marijuana, or other substances. Our team uses a combination of behavioral therapies to give clients the confidence and coping skills they need to maintain their sobriety no matter what life throws at them. For more information about using motivational enhancement therapy in mental health treatment, call 866.262.0531 today to speak with our staff about taking that first step toward recovery.

Understanding Motivational Enhancement Therapy in Mental Health treatment

Motivational enhancement therapy in PortlandMotivational enhancement therapy, or MET, uses the same techniques as motivational interviewing in helping clients find their motivation to stop drug or alcohol abuse. The program typically lasts from 4–6 sessions. In that time, therapists or couneselors work to bridge the gap between desire and action for clients with a substance use disorder.

Some of the benefits of enrolling in MET in Portland include:

  • Increased motivation toward abstaining from drug and alcohol use
  • A better understanding of how addiction affects you and those around you
  • Develop healthy thinking toward making changes in their lives
  • Increased confidence in their ability to maintain their sobriety

At Crestview Recovery, we know how difficult it is to beat addiction. We work closely with each client to get to know them and what led to their addiction. We then create a custom treatment program that involves various forms of behavioral and holistic therapies like motivational enhancement therapy.

What to Expect During Motivational Enhancement Therapy in Portland

Motivational enhancement therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that builds on each person’s internal motivation to reach their goals. Each person will have a different experience in therapy. Some clients will find their motivation after one or two sessions. Others, however, need more time with a therapist or counselor.

The principles of motivational enhancement therapy that help clients resolve their ambivalence toward making healthy life changes include:

Express Empathy

Therapists or counselors work closely with each client. They’ll use empathy to show they understand what their clients are saying and to encourage them to change.

Acknowledge Discrepancy

Therapists or counselors will guide clients toward finding any negative thinking that gets in between the desire to change and the actions to make those changes.

Avoid Arguments

Clients will work with therapists or counselors in a safe and non-argumentative environment to avoid any setbacks or confrontations. Through gentle guidance, they help clients become more aware of their thoughts and feelings about quitting drugs or alcohol.

Accept Resistance

Clients learn to accept that making changes is difficult and uses their personal goals to inspire change. This could be anything from saving a marriage, finishing school, or other internal or external motivation.

Supports Self-Efficacy

The main goal of MET in Portland is to inspire clients to find their motivation and power to make positive changes in their lives.

Get started with making healthy life changes with the support of motivational enhancement therapy at Crestview Recovery.

Crestview Recovery: Your Top Choice for Motivational Enhancement Therapy in Portland

At Crestview Recovery, we support Portland residents 18 and over from all walks of life who want help finding the motivation to quit drugs and alcohol. Addiction recovery is very difficult to get through alone. Unfortunately, those who try to quit and fail can lose their motivation to quit. The safest and most effective way to treat addiction is through an addiction treatment program that uses motivational enhancement therapy and other evidence-backed behavioral therapies.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call 866.262.0531 or fill out our online form today for more information about motivational enhancement therapy in Portland.