If you live in Washington, Oregon, or are looking for a greater Pacific Northwest rehab center, there are many options available to you for rehab. However, not all of these options provide the same level of care for you or your loved one to get the help they need to overcome addiction. Crestview Recovery is a premier drug rehab center that is equipped to meet all of your rehab needs.

Clients routinely come to us looking for:

Crestview Recovery provides its clients with the best level of treatment for substance use in the Pacific Northwest region. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use and would like to explore recovery options, Crestview Recovery can help. Read on to learn more about all of the advantages of a greater Pacific Northwest rehab center. We offer a variety of options for addiction treatment programs and rehab based on each client’s individual needs.


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Who Crestview Recovery Serves in the Pacific Northwest

Our Crestview Recovery drug rehab facility is among the top substance use facilities in the Pacific Northwest region. Our drug and alcohol recovery staff treat a variety of different substance addictions through the following:

We are able to help each of our clients from all over the Washington and Oregon areas overcome their addiction. This is because we provide them with treatment such as individualized therapy services that are based on their specific needs. We know that each of our clients has different needs and may need a different level of care than the person next to them. Therefore, we design each client’s treatment plan to specifically benefit each individual’s personality. This increases each client’s chance of recovery for life after rehabilitation. Our drug rehab program helps our clients form the skills and coping methods they need to overcome addiction. This helps them live a healthy life without the need for drug use and substances.

Why We Are a Premier Rehab For Our Clients

Our clients come to us from all areas of the Pacific Northwest Region. We focus on providing them with the tools and treatment they need to live a life free of substance use. Additionally, we are so successful in providing rehab treatment because we help our clients take advantage of their geographic location in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We do this by incorporating outdoor therapy into their recovery.

We offer many amenities in our rehabilitation programs such as organized trips, hiking therapy, biking therapy, and other social outings or activities. These activities help our clients form other hobbies outside of drugs and alcohol. This is why our clients are so successful after they complete treatment at Crestview. Our clients leave our treatment center with a new appreciation for life, new friends, and new life skills that extend far beyond the residential treatment center. They are able to find joy in the world around them in their own home in the Pacific Northwest Region and are able to form new hobbies.

The treatment methods we offer our clients allow them to make good choices outside of our rehab facility. We help our clients become successful in overcoming their addictive habits because we teach them how to continually make positive choices that will keep them on the road to recovery.

Contact Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon

If you or a loved one is looking for a drug rehab program and is ready to take the next step in seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, contact Crestview Recovery Center at 866.262.0531. We provide treatment to clients from the entire Pacific Northwest Region and are a trusted center in this area that is proven to help you overcome your addiction. With our treatment and professional care, we will help you live a healthy life free of drugs and alcohol.

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