Each day in the US, a shocking six people die an alcohol-related death. In Washington, specifically, 17% of adults binge drink regularly. When casual drinking becomes alcohol addiction, the results can be devastating to health, family, finances, career, and communities. But know that there are evidence-based treatments available through an alcohol rehab center.

It’s time to find a men’s and women’s addiction rehab program near Washington to begin picking up the pieces and putting your life together through treatment. Crestview Recovery’s team of compassionate professionals are here to help you do just that.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a word used to refer to a condition of being addicted to alcohol. Addiction is a brain disease caused when a person abuses a substance or activity to the point that the brain feels the compulsion to continue the action.

The human brain is filled with millions of neural pathways, each representing a set of actions. The more you perform a particular set of actions, the stronger the route for that activity becomes. And just like a pathway the forest, the more defined a path becomes, the more likely you are to take it.

As a result, you find it physically and mentally impossible not to take the path (to drink). Addiction can occur with anything, for example, drugs, video games, exercise, or food. All addiction negatively impacts your life. You’ll generally see the effects in areas like:

  • alcohol rehab center near BellinghamHealth
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Career or school

While the impact is evident, a person with an addiction will be unable to quit without support from family, professionals, and/or their community. You may have heard that some people are genetically predisposed to developing an addiction. While that’s true, genetics do not determine your life’s path. Anyone, no matter how addicted, can begin to turn this around when given the right life tools to work with.

The people at Crestview Recovery, an alcohol rehab center near Bellingham, help people with addiction learn to manage their addiction and live a more fulfilling life on the recovery path.

What to Expect in Alcohol Treatment

Crestview Recovery, an alcohol rehab center near Bellingham, designs a holistic treatment program personalized to meet your unique needs and offer you the best opportunity for life-long recovery. Our full range of customized programs includes personalized treatment options like:

During intake, you’ll work with an addictions specialist who will connect with you to identify your needs and help you enter the most effective treatments as part of your overall program.

You may attend these and other programs in several settings at our alcohol addiction treatment center near Bellingham, Washington:

In addition to shorter stays, we have a 90+ day extended care program at our 30-bed alcohol addiction treatment center near Bellingham, Washington for those who need more time and 24/7 support in their recovery efforts.

While in these settings, you’ll attend various evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma therapy. But additionally, we understand the importance of exploring vital life skills and self-awareness during treatment. Because of that, we’re expanding our adventure therapy program in which our guests engage in enjoyable activities with others. These may include fun events like white water rafting, skiing, or even snowboarding.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, our alcohol rehab center near Bellingham can help you build a plan for recovery success.

Finding an Alcohol Rehab Center Near Bellingham

Alcohol addiction impacts every aspect of your life. But because addiction is a disease that physically-alters the brain, the compulsion to drink seems overwhelming. You’re no longer in control.

Maybe you’ve tried before. You may feel helpless and hopeless to try again. But often it’s just a matter of hitting rock bottom and getting into the right alcohol addiction treatment center near Bellingham, Washington.

Is addiction to alcohol destroying your life? Know that no matter where you are on your journey or how many times before you’ve tried to quit, our alcohol rehab center near Bellingham can help you get on the healing path toward recovery. Call us at 866.262.0531 to get on a new road with the caring team at Crestview Recovery.