In the state of Washington, an alarming 17% of people report binge drinking. In the US, six people die every day from alcohol. It destroys lives, families, finances, and health. It’s not easy to admit when your casual consumption has become a problem. But when you come to this realization, know that we’re here to support you in taking back your life. Our alcohol rehab center near Bainbridge can help you get on the path to recovery.

Crestview Recovery offers addiction treatment near Washington. And it’s time to find out how we can help you overcome addiction.

Alcohol Rehab Center near Bainbridge, patients listening to therapistWhen Does Alcohol Use Become Abuse?

It’s not about whether you drink beer, wine, or hard liquor. Addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Alcoholism isn’t about drinking alone versus drinking with friends. You know if it’s an addiction based on how alcohol is impacting your life.

Addiction professionals at our alcohol rehab center near Bainbridge will typically ask four crucial questions to understand the extent of your alcohol addiction.

Do you continue to drink even though that consumption is:

  1. Destroying important relationships?
  2. Impacting your career negatively?
  3. Damaging your finances?
  4. Hurting your health?

For example, let’s say your doctor told you had liver damage. You will die in three months if you don’t completely stop drinking. In this scenario, would you be able to quit for good?

If you think you would struggle with this decision, your alcohol consumption has become an addiction. Addiction is a brain disease that alters your ability to have sound judgment, especially around your use.

You may be entirely level-headed in every other aspect of your life. But when it comes to alcohol, all of that flies out the window.

Some people have to reach rock bottom before they get help. But by that time, most people have lost so much of what’s important to them. Finding an alcohol rehab center near Bainbridgenow can help you start turning things around before you get to that point. The compassionate professionals at Crestview Recovery’s 30-bed alcohol rehab center near Bainbridge are ready to take you in and support you in this life-altering decision to get help.

 What to Expect in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Near Bainbridge

It’s not easy to admit that you have an addiction and that you’re no longer able to control it. We applaud your decision to reach out for help. Know that the journey toward recovery is often a long one. And you’ll have days that you want to give up. But through perseverance, you can reach the other side of recovery. You’ll get to that place where you’re in control again and can fully manage your addiction.

People in a Bainbridge Alcohol Rehab Center generally go through several levels of care. These span from 24/7 supervision and strict rules to more intermittent care where you self-direct your continued progress while returning to your home and life. Those levels of care are as follows:

After you’ve completed an outpatient program, Crestview offers an exceptional aftercare program so that you continue to feel supported in your efforts to maintain long-term sobriety.

While at an alcohol rehab center near Bainbridge, you’ll attend various types of evidence-based and supplemental therapies within an alcohol recovery program customized to your unique needs. These therapies and programs may include:

Through these therapies, you’ll learn things like how to identify triggers, manage your urge to drink, and more effectively process your emotions, among other things. Additionally, our holistic approach to recovery means that you begin to heal the mind, body, spirit, and emotion to live a more fulfilling life without alcohol.

To help you achieve this, in addition to shorter lengths-of-stay, we offer our guests a 90+ day extended care program for those who need additional time and support to begin re-shaping their life.

Finding an Alcohol Rehab Center Near Bainbridge

Is alcohol addiction destroying your life? Are you watching valued relationships, finances, and health crumble? It’s time to find an alcohol rehab center near Bainbridge that can help you re-take control of your life. Call us at 866.262.0531 now to speak with a caring addiction professional who can help you understand the next steps.