Finding the right alcohol rehab center isn’t easy. Individuals want to know what their options for treatment and therapy will be. But many are concerned they’ll just be given some cookie-cutter treatment coming out with less income and still struggling with alcohol. Fortunately, Crestview Recovery offers Redmond an alcohol rehab center with a wide range of services. Too many believe they have to struggle with alcohol addiction alone. Sometimes this is because of accessibility. But often it is about stigma. Crestview Recovery’s team cares only about getting you healthy. 

Redmond Alcohol Rehab CenterThe Dangers of Self-Detox

Frequently, those with alcohol use disorder attempt to self-detox. That is, they go ‘cold turkey.’ Unfortunately, if the individual is a heavy or longtime drinker, the results can be extremely dangerous. As a depressant, alcohol suppresses certain neurotransmitters in your brain. This is the source of the pleasurable feeling people get from drinking. Continual exposure to alcohol causes brain chemistry to change. Instead of creating the necessary chemicals, it allows alcohol to provide them. Thus, when alcohol is taken away, the brain struggles. This struggle results in physical pain. For example, some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Tremors: Shaking or trembling is common immediately after ceasing to drink. Often, individuals determine just how long they can go without a drink by the degree or noticeability of the tremors they experience.
  • Hallucinations: Frequently, anywhere from 12 hours to a day after ceasing to drink, an individual will experience hallucinations. This is when you see, feel, or hear things that aren’t real or present. Some individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder describe the feeling their skin crawling with bugs. Others imagine they are talking to other people who are not present.
  • Seizures: These can be minor or significant. Again, it depends on the individuals. However, this risk peaks after the first twenty-four hours without alcohol.
  • Delirium tremens: Although rare, happening to less than 5% of those going through detoxification, delirium tremens is intense and exceptionally dangerous to one’s health. The condition affects your breathing, your circulation affecting body temperature, your heart rate, and can cause dehydration.

For all of these reasons, self-detox is dangerous. Thus, individuals struggling with alcohol use disorder need to be in a controlled, safe environment where medical professionals can aid them if need be. 

Finding Treatment at Redmond Alcohol Rehab Center

Once a patient can make it through detox successfully, they can begin to address their alcohol use disorder. Working alongside counselors and therapists, patients explore the numerous programs and treatments offered at Crestview Recovery’s Redmond alcohol rehab center. Because each individual requires different treatments and combinations to get at their alcohol use disorder, we offer several options:

  • Trauma therapy: This can be helpful for patients who have endured experiences like witnessing or being a part of a violent crime, being physically attacked, being sexually assaulted or abused, or having seen military action, among other issues. The therapy allows them to articulate and express their trauma. Sometimes the events are reconstructed or acted out. Often merely verbalizing is enough to bring the emotions and issues to the surface. But no matter the cause, individuals are encouraged not to remain silent and find ways to cope.
  • Mindfulness meditation or yoga therapy: This practical, physical therapy works on helping patients get in touch with their inner thoughts and feelings. It attempts to help individuals achieve balance between body and mind by honing an individual’s focus and deepening their awareness of not just themselves but others and the world around them.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: It is very common for individuals to come to an alcohol rehab center suffering from a mental health disorder they didn’t know they had. Professionals routinely see depression and anxiety disorders in patients that were the cause of their alcohol use. Professionals call this co-occurring disorder. The treatment looks to address not just the alcohol abuse but the mental health issue as well so that the likelihood of relapse is minimal.

Crestview Recovery

Patients located in Redmond Oregon can find with Crestview Recovery a nearby alcohol rehab center offering the necessary treatment programs you or a loved one requires:

At Crestview Recovery, we help you fight back against alcohol addiction. Our customized treatment plans cater to the specific needs of each client. Our Redmond Oregon alcohol rehab center offers a range of treatment methods and programs. So call 866.262.0531 to begin your journey to overcoming alcohol addiction and finding fulfillment.